Long time analog user dips his toe in Schiit, Grungnir multibit.

So after decades of using the same old MSB link3 DAC I've finally brought my digital into the 21st century. So I've been slowly upgrading my digital front end over the last couple years. Up until now it was never a concern to me as I primarily played records well I was in for a surprise with R2R. 

I live in western Canada so everything here is 30% higher in cost for example the Grungnir Multi-bit is $1249 USD it cost me $2100 Canadian to get it to my door. So a Yaggy  (or other similar priced DAC) was not in the card for me, I'm just a poor military guy after all. I did listen to a few DAC's a Cord and AudioNote kit DAC, oh an IFI too,
 were quite surprising, But I decided to take the plunge into Schiit no pun intended well maybe a little. 

I ordered a Grungnir Multibit and a loki ( loki's for my TV its nice for low level TV watching in the evening). 

I let the Grungnir run for a week in the background but what surprised me was I kept wandering into my living area and got sucked into the music. last night I was doing dishes (I live in an open loft) and sometime during I had sat down and got sucked into the music next thing I know its dark I got a dish towel on my shoulder and my sink has cold water in it. WTF. I really wish I had got a better DAC years ago. 

Joni Mitchells master recordings are quite nice on Tidal by the way. you can really tell the difference between the HIFI and Master recordings on Tidal. 

I'm happily surprised at how much better digital is now to the point where I'm seriously considering ditching my vinyl (space thing not a hate love thing). 

The Grungnir multibit in my system is very nice indeed. detailed, musical, fast, huge sound stage in depth height and width, warm but not tube warm (that's good as I run SET 300b) I have to say its really quite good. makes me wonder what the next level DAC's will bring. The R2R Dac is surprisingly musical it just seems to have that whole toe tapping thing in spades. 

I will write something more detailed on the DAC later after I have more time with it. Only thing I would say I'm not a fan of is the overly bright LED on the front but that's minor really. Schiit the loki's LED is even brighter grr. 

The clicking of the relays isn't a bother to me like some. It clicks a little when it changes formats I notice it most going to HIFI to MASTER files on Tidal.

I'm very happy with the Schiit DAC highly recommended, from a weeks worth of listening anyway........anyone for a record collection 2000 and Garrard 301? haha 

Happy Friday everyone. 

Glen N
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Glenn, it's great you found yourself a nice reward in your digital front end. I'm in the US, and I couldn't afford a new DAC, so I found a 2011 Benchmark DAC 1 PRE I could afford, and I can't believe how happy I am with that. Digital has come a long way in the last few years.

Enjoy, regards,
Last week, I listened to Joni's "Don Juan's Reckless Daughter". On "Talk to Me", I felt like Dave (2001 A Space Odyssey) being sucked into the light storm. Soundstage vastly larger than my room. Digital is neat-o.
Another Canadian owner of the Gumby chiming in. I tried Emotiva and Audioquest DACs previously and was blown away by the Schiit Modi Uber.

So much so that I immediately knew that schiit was making seriously good er, stuff, and quickly traded it in for the Bimby. Less than 2 years later I decided that Gumby would be my end game dac.

Its simply amazing at times with good quality recordings, even with crappy mp3 files of old music from the 80’s and 90’s. Next year I’ll upgrade the pre so I can employ the gumby’s XLR outputs.

I think Schiit makes some of the best bang for buck products going, and that they’re  made in the USA? Outstanding!