Long-term Optrix users: any complaints?

Any long-term Optrix users have any complaints about sonic changes imparted by Optrix or about any effects it has on the CDs on which it is applied? Any synergy with Walker Audio Vivid?

Thanks in advance!
I have experienced "streaking or hazing" when using Optrix in the past. I was careful not to use scented or otherwise treated tissues as suggested by the manufacturer. When I contacted the manufacturer he speculated that recycled tissue could be a possibe cause and suggested I clean the affected discs with 91% isopropyl alcohol which required several applications in some cases still did not remove all of the streaking on all the discs. I have since stopped treating CD's in any manner except to occasionally clean a dirty or smudged disc with an Allsop disc cleaner which works great and leaves no visible residue.
I have also noticed streaking with the optrix and will be using something different! I've use a cloth for cleaning computor parts as it's soft with no lint and still leaves residue! The optrix is made by Compact Dynamics which also makes CD magic which worked great and no streaks but I dont think they make that product any more due to the optrix product. Warm soapy water will remove optrix but may take a few washings. Funning thing is, the streaking doesn't appear rigt away, 5 or 10 minutes later. Happy Cleaning!