Long term Hovland amp owners, are you still happy?

Have been running the tube HP200 pre/ss Radia pow for 7 years now, always been happy with the combination, despite the possible chances to move away from over the intervening years.
So, what are the experiences of other Hov afficionados who've kept the faith?
I'm sure we were all devastated when the company went under, Bob Hovland seemed such a great guy, and the co. one of the most honest ones re pricing/quality in the industry.
I am not an owner, but, I have listened extensively to a friend's system that had the same combination. I think they produced very good sound for solid state back then, and I doubt much has changed since then (most "progress" is essentially marketing hype). If you like the sound, there really is no compelling reason to change.

My one recommendation is to consider changing the tubes in the phonestage, if you use the phonostage. I have heard dramatic improvement in phono reproduction when that was done. While what is best is largely subjective, I know two people with the HP-200 that ended up using Amperex Bugle Boy 12AX7s and they are very happy with the switch.
So I start a thread to celebrate the memory of Hovland, and the amps' place in relationship to the market in alternative choices, but so little interest.
Am I the only owner out there, surely not?
So let's hear from current Hov-philes, esp. if you're sticking with your equipment in the face of newer stuff out there.
I´m not a long term owner of Hovland, but i have had long term dream about Hovland. And for about a year ago i was so lucky to find one of the latest models to ship from the compagny. In a MINT condtion :-)

I can tell that my Hovland HP200p are a keeper, for many years.

I`m running it with a set of Pass Labs XA100,5 and thats is just a wunderfull combination toghter with Cards Clear cables and Avalon Transcendent speakers.......
Great Pierre, I remain a true fan after 7 years. However I am considering a move to Audion SET 845 or Atma Sphere/Dave Berning OTL. But they will have to show esp. the Radia a clean pair of heels for me to consider abandoning the Hovs.