long term components

what component have you ever kept the longest in your system, past or present?
Naim Nap 250 amp, 15 years.
VPI Record Cleaning Machine...30 years.
NAD 1130/2200 pre/power amp, Mission Argonaut speakers about 23 years.
The Linn Axis turntable in my current system: 23 years.
never been without 'large advents'
Various assortments of Dunlavy speakers ranging from SC-1s to Vs make up three different 2 channel and Home Theatre systems. Electronics come and go, but the speakers (purchased new and now discontinued) have remained and likely will continue as lifetime purchases.
Spica TC50s, now retired to my bedroom system. First speakers I ever bought.
Still have my Linn Sondek I bought in '82. Unfortunately, it's in storage in Australia along with my Celestion SL6 from '84.

Yamaha NS1000M speakers, 29 years; QUAD 44 pre-amp, 25 years
Rack-early 80's, although highly modified.

I also have a pair of AQ IC's from the same time but put Cardas ends on them.

The longest would've been a Sherwood receiver I bought in 1979 but the cat knocked it off a cabinet, so it lasted 19 yrs. Too bad, 'cause it still looked brand new till then.
Spica TC-50's & lead-shot filled stands - had the same pair that I bought new in NYC, for about 15 years. Thanks for the unwitting reminder Honest1.

The next runner up is far off the mark...

Quicksilver 300B SET amps
Modified Klipsch LaScalas

I enjoyed those for about 6 years.
Audio Research 100.2 has been a part of my sytem for over a decade. A great amp
I forgot to mention my own..a pair of the original advents for five years, then I doubled them for another three years
My current system consists of a pair of Thiel CS5i loudspeakers and a Classe' Audio DR-25 amp (now used in bridged mono to my center channel), both of which are over 20 years old.
Vandersteen 2ci speakers. Have had them for 20 years and they now reside in my office system.
I have had my Sota table/SME arm for 17 years. It was a lot of money in 1992, but the sound blew me away then and it still does- even as my amps/speakers/cables have changed over the years. I haven't bought a record, new or used, in over 10 years, so I doubt I will ever see the need to upgrade. But I still play my medium sized collection on a regular basis and discover new and great sounding phono cartridges from time to time.
NAD 3020 still going strong at around 28 years...
ARC CD7 reference has been in my system for 6 weeks now! Rarely, do I keep a component that long! :)
AR 3a's, McIntosh C26 and 2505 for 40 years. It's now an impressive home office system.
ARC SP3a-1 (upgraded to SP3c), 35 years.
Linn Sondek LP12, 33 years.
38 years, a kenwood ka 7002 interamp. I estimate it has over 50,000 hours of use. My kids promise to put it in the coffin with me so I can move it on to my next life.
ARC SP-8 purchased 1982 (refurbished by ARC in 2009), Linn Sondek LP12 purchased during an expat assignment in the UK, 1978.
A phono cartridge, believe it or not. A Grace F9E purchased in 1979. In 1983 I upgraded it with the Ruby stylus, and had it installed on a SOTA Sapphire with Magnepan Unitrac arm, which I still use. The cartridge is presently at Soundsmith awaiting re-tipping.

Work priorities constrained the amount of listening I could do during a lot of the intervening years, helping it to last so long.

-- Al
MEridian 508 CD Player 20 years old. No problems ever. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking