Long sub cable thats resonably priced & high end

I have a problem in that I have three subs in my home theater and need long distances.

Obviously, I can't buy cables from the high end cable companys cause I don't feel like forking over 10,000 dollars so I am looking for a better alternative.

Has anyone tried making or have used bargin sub cables from like signal cable and such and have good results.

I am using monster so I know I can do a big upgrade.

DH Labs
I'd recommend you consider speaker level connections. I was using long ICs to my subwoofer when Andrew Conley of Psiberaudio pointed out that all that IC dialectric was actiing as a large capacitor on the preamp. After swithching to a speaker level connection, the subwoofer activated "snow" on my CRT tv dissappeared. But I do agree with Getheleadout endorsement of DH Labs-an excellent value.
Thanks guys, I have heard stuff on the dh labs. Looks super cheap buying it by the spool.

How do I do speaker level connections with my anthem avm20 surround processor which has only rca (two of them for sub) I beleive.

My guess is the dh labs or equivalent will take the bass to a new level over the monster cables.
You set your main speaker settings to large and run a second set of seaker cables from from your main amplifier to the speaker level input of your subwoofer. But you may want to check with the amp manufacturer first. I think the amp would need to have common grounded outputs.