Long Speaker Wire Runs

I've got a bizarre configuration...Arcam CD73 to Plinius 9200 to a set of Totem Winds...But, here's the bizarre part...

The Winds are about 40' away from the Plinius. Because of the configuration of the house, and the space in the room where the speakers are, we have this limitation.

Any thoughts on good speaker cable that I can buy in very lengthy runs that won't cost me a cajillion dollars???

home depot 8 awg 42 cents a foot
Naim NACA5 is good cable for about $10 ft. Works well in long runs.
I'd buy some knukonceptz 10 ga silver plated wire with the PE insulation. It'll work fine and is only 2 bucks a foot, no terminations though. You can get terminations here on agon.
If a cajillion is out of yer range, what about something for a few bazillion?
Canare 4S11. Starquad configuration...9AWG when the leads are doubled up. $.69/foot at Markertek.com.
Try Belden in bulk; good insulation and available in 12g. You may wish to review this McIntosh Lab test report of speaker wire gauge and length and performance results.

There is a table showing the recommended gauge for specific lengths of wire runs at this site.

I use 30' runs of 12ga continous cast copper from Vampire Wire (Sound Connections). Just a red and a black insulated run to each speaker with quality spades on each end.
I have a similar set up problem with a long distance between my electronics and speakers. Both Ric of Argent Audio and Robert or Ridge Street Audio suggested I try the Alphacore Goertz wire which is designed to work for long runs.

I ordered a pair of the M2 and tested it out. While not the final word in sonic resolution, it sounded excellent, far better than the long runs of DH Labs Q10 I was using. Good soundstaging, highs and lows, just not the ultimate in detail that could be gotten wth speaker wires like TG Audio, Argent Audio, or Ridge Street, none of which are available or affordable in long lengths.

I liked the AlphaCore wire. The flat copper or silver is attractive, but looked to easy to damage. So I exchanged it for the Python version, same wire in a round casing. After much research, the www.alphacore.com wire was the best solution I found for long runs.
Kimber 4PR will deliver plenty of performance without breaking the bank
Thanks to everyone for all this input....

(Slappy's was the most helpful!!)

Thanks to all !!
Try the Mas Signature - very reasonable price - probably about $300 or the Purist Ventas - but a little more money. I have used both for long runs and was very happy with them.
Hello R84288,

I've just purchased some Jena "in wall" cable in a 35' length that I'm using for my rear channels and they are very good. I do not have them running in my walls and they come in two colors, blue or white. They cost me $362.25 shipped. You should give Jennifer a call, I'm sure she can help.......John