Long Speaker cables

I recently moved my system from in between my speakers to an adjacent wall. I didn't expect the sound improvement I got. Problem is I had to do away with my 10 foot Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerator speaker cables and I'm using some bulk 10ga, Blue Jeans cable at present. Sounds good but I know there is room for improvement. Are there cables that are better suited for longer runs? I need 25 feet.
You might consider longer runs of ICs rather than speaker wire if that is possible. If not check capacitance and resistance of cable you are considering.
You'll find this thread to be of interest:


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I have the same setup and have tried several different speaker cables. The note from Al above applied after the fact to what I have tried is what I found what works best now. I found that different cables sounded better with a high power system that I was using with B&W 802d speakers than what I am using now with my Avantgarde Duo Omega speakers. What type of amp and speakers are you using? I have a pair of 22' speaker cable for the farthest speaker and for the speaker that is just on the other side of the wall which is only about 3' away.
I contributed to the thread Al referenced. After all my testing I found two very good cables that met my needs: OCOS and Supra Ply 3/4. I'm using the OCOS right now. My run is 5.5m.
I disagree with longer ICs. ICs are more susceptible to interference.
for 25' long cabling I have had great results with networked designs by MIT.
MH750Magnum for speakers
Magnum M1 for unbalanced interconnects

Regarding noise immunity of long interconnects: balanced cables are typically superior in that respect; must be compatible with your equipment of course.
I have been using Mogami W2941 for the longest period of time.These cables are constructed of eight conductors.If configured as a stereo pair (4+4)they equal 10ga.I use them as 30ft.internal biwire which equals 13ga.at the spkr.end.I recently compared them to a 35ft.$4000.00 pair of MIT biwires and sold the MIT's they're that good.Other good choices from Mogami are the W2916(6 cond),and the W3104(4 cond).Many sources to purchase from,and reasonably priced.W2941 is around $7.50ft.W2919 $5.80ft.,and W3104 $4.07ft.Excellent value,used by many recording studios.
I just went through a similar change in my system. I had to change out from a 9' pair of Audience Au24. I made some speaker cable out of 10ga red enameled magnet wire. I bought a spool of it and then cut four 17' lengths and made two braided pairs with bare wire ends. So far I have been very underwhelmed by the sound I am getting. I would guess I have about 25-30 hours on them and I have not heard any improvements. I will give them at least 100 hours before passing final judgement but I don't expect too much. I don't know what would be in the wire that would need break in or dielectric run in.

Sorry that this doesn't provide any suggestions but I thought I might pass on my recent experience for a very similar situation.