Long speaker cable modification

Hi all,

I have a pair of 35ft name brand speaker cables with an inline network box and was wondering if cutting them to 8ft
would ruin them. The manufacture say's I need to send them back to them to be recalibrated. Was wondering if that was really necessary. they want 500.00 to do the work. Now that I am running mono's I no longer need the length. I can use them on another system if they were shorter.

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If the cable is either MIT or Transparent, then inside the box you will find a coil and a resistor or two. I cut a pair of 20 foot MIT Terminator 2 cables with a huge inline box attached and tried both shorter cables both with and without the network. I found NO difference.
cutting up your transparent cable not a good idea, with out recalibration. It does make a difference. used a un calibrated cable in my system and i thought it sounded ok, then tried a cable that was calibrated for my system and big difference for the better. the cost of recalibration was worth the difference. not to mention once you cut it up with out recalibration its value drops quite a bit.
enjoy Pete
Thanks for your responses

I guess I have to give it a try. The cables are no good to me at that length and selling a pair of 35 ft cables is almost impossible.

If nothing else I will have a lot of good speaker cable for my other setups. I guess if there was that much difference recalibration would still be better than a new set of cables

Thanks again