Long runs- digital or video

My new theater has a rear projector. Most of the components are up front. I could move the AV receiver to the rear. So, which is better for the long run (about 25ft): Digital cable, S-video, component video, or RCAs (to the front 2 channel amp)? Thanks, Michael
If you can use glass optical link (ST type or AT&T), anything less than 2 km will not have any loss..
Goldorak- Thanks, but my DVD only has Toslink and coaxial out. Any thoughts on which has less loss over 25'- digital over one of those or video over S-video or component? Michael
S-Video is supposed to run into signal loss after 15 feet, although I run 21 feet without too much problem. Other cabling is probably less prone to signal loss than s-video, so if you can, run longer lengths of others and shorter lengths of S if you have to use it.
I have all my electronics in the back of the room. About 2 years ago, I bought a Monster 10 meter (33 Ft.) S-video cable for a little over $100. I placed my Sony DV-300 DVD player in front of my 35" tube TV and alternated between the Sony supplied 24" S-video and the 10 meter S-video. I could not notice a difference even in freeze frame. In comparing composite between S-video, I could only barely notice a difference while the DVD was playing. In a blind test, I would struggle noticing the difference. However, in freeze frame, the difference was quite noticable. Images were sharper and colors more brillant with S-video--even with the 10 meter S-video run.
I have all my components in the front of my room in a recessed 2'x8' bumpout, and run a 50' set of component cables from a Sony DVP7700 to a Sony VPLW400Q LCD front projector located in the back of the room. The picture quality is excellent. I've also run composite and s-video with lengths of 25 - 35 feet. I found that the picture was better if you run a long length of composite and convert the single to s-video just before the projector. Running a 35' s-vieo cable washed out some of the color by comparison.