Long run with USB or Toslink?

I've got to run about 4 to 5 meters of cable to connect a DAC to part of a computer/TV system. My cable choices are USB or toslink. I've heard USB does not do well with long runs. Any thoughts? Thanks.

USB 1.1 maximum cable length is 3 meters (9.8 ft)

USB 2.0 maximum cable length is 5 meters (16 ft)

Toslink (Fibre optic) maximum cable length is 10 meters (33 ft)

. . . but I have used way longer than that on optical.
As Ericjcabrere notes the Toslink is the way to go. Don't push usb to that length.
Get a well polished and terminated toslink cable. Don't mess with USB at that length.
Technically toslink can go up to 10M without signal booster but in reality, unless it is made of quartz glass fibers, you won't want to go longer than 5M.
Thanks everyone, I appreciate the advice. Toslink it will be.