Long run USB and other questions...

The normal resting place for my laptop PC running Vista requires at least a 30'USB run to hook to my PS Audio DLIII DAC. Apparently, for long USB runs, one can use an "active" cable, like this:
Can someone please provide some wisdom on this. I have no clue what I'm doing. For serious listening, I do about 70% SACD with the rest Redbook. However, for casual listening and background music, I've recently acquired an iPod and I hook it directly to my preamp and I've enjoyed it immensely. Of course, this is not ideal. Since I own a USB DAC (the USB input is only good for 16 bit), I thought I'd move up the quality chain and hook it to the computer. I am using iTunes and I've recorded at 256 kbps (although if I do this, I'd like to try some Apple lossless too). I am not yet ready to move up to the big leagues for computer based listening, although I know I will eventually. Please let me know if the USB cable noted above will work for this application and anything else that I'm missing! Sorry, I love music but I'm a techo-idiot; therefore, please be specific! Thanks so much for your help.
A steinman,

I use an Opticis cable running from a Mac mini to a Benchmark usb dac (about 30'away). It works very well for me as long as I use a battery power supply instead of the supplied wallwort. See links for information. You can find near endless discussion of the Opticis cable in the PC Audio section of Audio Asylum.
I use this http://www.vpi.us/usbc5.html
works great for me a 75 foot run.I used the better cat 6 cable to make the run which you have to buy separate.
Thanks for the responses. Since this is not for serious listening, I'm trying to keep costs down. Would the Tripp-Lite cable noted in my original post work? I'll spend the bigger bucks later when I go with something hi-rez with a dedicated computer. Any other suggestions? Thanks again...
I checked NewEgg ... looks like pretty much ALL the active USB cables get good reviews. I see Amazon had 7 people give it 5 stars. Tripp-Lite is no slouch company - I have had good luck with their products over the years but I cant say I have tried this one.

For the money I dont see how you can go wrong.
We use NTI and Gefen CAT5e extenders for all our USB, Firewire, VGA, DVI and KVM switches. Works perfectly at 100's of feet!
USB is rated to run only 5 meters but there are USB cables with built in boosters. They run off the power in the USB bus. Typically they claim runs up to 75 feet. Iomega makes one. I have this setup. It is something over 30 feet in length and works fine. I have one regular 5 meter cable and an Iomega amplified cable plugged into it.

You do need a good USB source since it uses a lot of power. Mine is plugged into a powered USB hub which in turn is plugged into my laptop. A desktop computer might be able to power the whole thing without a hub.
I bought the Tripp-Lite active cable that is powered by my HP laptop (36') and it is working beautifully feeding my external PS Audio Digital Link III DAC. This is a great intermediate step for me until I'm ready to go all out. Thanks to everyone for their advice and wisdom! Peace...