Long Run Speaker Cable Suggestions

I'm considering replacing my 30 foot run of Canare StarQuad with a higher quality cable. My installation requires maintaining this 30 foot length, and the diameter of the new cable must be no larger than StarQuad (5/8") because of the in-wall run. Any suggestions?
Look into the Home Depot outdoor extension cord being discussed lately. It was reviewed favorably by Stereophile last month. Its cheap, and who knows, it could float you boat - I'm not sure of the diameter of the 14guage, but it looked like it was 1/2' or less. Not overly attractive - yellow with a black stripe. Don't laugh now.......
I second the HD cable suggestion. Exremely musical in my system, where it replaced $400 speaker cables. But it's ORANGE with a black stripe, not yellow. :-)
Try PAD's new inexpensive "Vesta" - thin, blue-colored cable - sounds good - certainly for the price - and is about $350 for 15 feet. I have a 15 foot run and am happy with it.
A 30' run of anything better sounding that the StarQuad is going to be expensive, unless you try the Home Depot cable and find that it really does improve things for you.

I replaced StarQuad 4s11 in my system with DH Labs Q-10 and it is definitely better, but I needed only 8' runs so the difference in total price wasn't astronomical. I think the Q-10 is wonderful stuff for the price and was worth the $200-something difference (buying it used) but 60' of it is going to cost you $600, unterminated. It is considered a high-end 'bargain' but without any idea about the rest of your system or room I'm reluctant to recommend you take such a leap.

Anything other than the Home Depot cable is going to be sort of a shot in the dark since you're not going to be able to easily find used cables of that length that would make it reasonably painless to experiment. Of course, the thrill of the unknown is part of what's intriguing about fooling around with this stuff.
Thanks everyone for the suggestions so far. My system consists of: EMC
1-UP CDP, First Sound Presence Deluxe II preamp, VAC Phi 110/110
amp, Von Schweikert VR4 SE loudspeakers, Kimber Select 1030 &
Acoustic Zen Matrix Ref II interconnects, ErnieM Power Cords, Quantum
Symphony Pro and ElectroClear conditioners.

I have to admit I'm not likely to try the Home Depot cord. In order to
replace my StarQuad 4S11 I'd have to be making a significant step up in
Just remember, it will cost you less than $20 to discover whether or not the HDs are "a step up in quality," however counter-intuitive it may appear to be. In any event, good luck and good listening.
Good point, Dopogue.
I've just put a 30 foot run of MAS Signature Hybrid Loudspeaker cable into my system, and at this point I'm stunned at the improvement. The imaging is holographic. There is detail and roundness and musicality. There is absolutely no edginess, grain or hash. I don't have a world of experience with different speakers cables, but these have transformed my system at an unbeatable price. Highly recommended (until the next epiphany, of course).
Mogami 3103 around 2.50/ft. Used in recording studios.