long range wireless mouse suggestions

trying to set up tv monitor in another room to pc and want to use a wireless mouse to control pc from tv monitor. no luck so far, my forte is NOT this area, i am an old school audiophile, any help from you young guns with new hi tech pc world is much appreciated!
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How far is the tv from the pc? This is what I did 75 foot away I ran high quality vga cable for the video and usb extender it extends the USB device up to 150 feet using cat 5 or 6 cable go to this site it will explain .http://www.vpi.us/usbc5.html with this usb extender you can hook it in to a usb dac to run your audio and with a usb splitter run logitec air mouse or similar.plug the usb receiver into the usb splitter in the same room as your tv and You will have full control of your pc from your tv monitor You also can go with a hdmi cable to run your video and audio anything over 15' you need a extender but hdmi cable is limited to range and gets expensive for a extender. then use usb extender to run the mouse.