Long Power Cord Runs

Currently, I use long speaker cables and shorter runs of ICs and power cord. After asking around, I have decided to relocate my power amp closer to my speakers in advance of a speaker-cable upgrade. The distance from both preamp and a/c power outlet will require around 20 feet of both ICs and a power cord. Does anyone know of any reason why I should not do this? I am not worried about the IC run, since I will use high quality ICs that are well shielded. But I rarely see power cords this long (I will probably have it custom made), so I am concerned that there may be a reason for this. Anyone ever have any trouble using a very long power cord? TIA.
Thanks, all. I actually do have one 20-amp dedicated outlet near where the amp will be. Currently, I have two powered subwoofers plugged into this outlet (there are four receptacles total). I don't want to have 2-380 watt subwoofer amps and a 450 watt power amp plugged into the same circuit, do I? If I did, I could use a much shorter power cord, but would still need longer unbalanced interconnects.

I redid my electric in 2005, adding 2 dedicated 20 amp lines for my system. I don't have the stomach or the budget for adding any more capacity or dedicated lines.

Elizabeth - I have been told the Pangea has discontinued the 5 meter length, and even that might be cutting it close. I will have to go with either AQ, who offers 20 ft power cords, or one of the custom cable makers, like Signal Cable.

FYI, my preamp is a McIntosh C220 and the amp is an Odyssey Audio HT3.

Please share any thoughts you might have on this.

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It should be all right but why not take the opportunity to install dedicated lines closer to your equipment?
As to power cords you can figure that the power lines to your place have substantially larger lengths so length of power cord does not matter.
As to length of interconnects vs. speaker cable, it depends on your amp/preamp reaction on reactance(non-resistive impedance component) load.
In general with long balanced interconnects I may suggest using balanced ones and in case with RCA I may suggest using longer speaker cables i.e. not using long interconnects.
Hello Bondmanp, I just installed a new amp and for the first time decided to upgrade the ac power cords. For about $150 I was able to run an 8 AWG line directly from a Wattgate IEC plug to a dedicated 20 amp circuit. The run was forty feet. It really opened up the sound. And I get a kick out of the fact that my amp is plugged in directly to the circuit box! Maybe something like that could work for you.