Long power cable for subwoofer

I'm thinking about moving my SVS SB16s and require longer power cords, about 15 feet.  All I've found in the 10awg range were like 6ft or 2 meters. Even Monoprice doesn't have anything that's not 18awg or maybe 14awg.  Does this really matter?  I don't want to spend tons of $ on subwoofer power cables.
Extension cord, totally. Subs are one of the rare cases where wire quality makes hardly any difference.

I swapped the oem REl power cord for a heavy duty audiophile grade cord and I heard no difference.

Check out showmecables.com they have power cords in a bizillon configurations up to 25ft. Hella cheap too!
Perfect. This is exactly what I figured, but I do know subs draw considerable power too.


SOOW or 300 VAC (J)
Heavy copper and heavy copper ends. Perfect for just what you’re doing.

10/4 SOOW make some serious speaker IC. 12K welding machines. (bass amps) :-)
I did 8/4 too, on my bass bins. 20+ pound cables (jumper cables) 40 footers
Concert in the backyard, couple times a year.. Work perfect..Can't hurt them either..

Very flexible.

Gold plated or copper, (I like copper) ends on bass stuff. Twist locks in the back yard..and shops.

You can add armor for next to nothing and some shrink tube.

Two for 50.00 usd. Better than most you can buy.. 5N + copper 99.9%

Retail cost 1-200.00 per 3 meter. 5 meter 2-300.00. Resale X 3 for all the suckers out there or the infirmed (I understand them).

Easy peasy OP..

After reading this article: https://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/subwoofers/,  I replaced the extension cord going to an short Signal Cable power cord I have going into my Martin-Logan BF210 sub with a Signal Cable "extension" cord I had.  Much like the reviewer found, the mids and highs improved with the bass.

Looks like you can buy their 15 ft 10 awg cable for a little over $200.

You’ll be just fine with the Monoprice 14 gage, 15 foot power cord. I’m using that exact cable and length for one of my subs as well. It was like 10 bucks.
Hi dtximages: Patrick Cullen recommends these AC cords to use with SVS subwoofers  https://www.cullencable.com/red-series/   Great company to work with.
Thanks @yoby 

Honestly my mind was eased when others agreed there is no reason to go high end on a subwoofer power cable.  I mean the topic is somewhat debatable on any piece of equipment, but on a subwoofer, I can definitely see why it matters much less.  For now, I'm using 3 ft extension cords.