Long lost songs

This is a discussion on songs or versions we've heard maybe just once on the radio and spent years searching for. Anything you knew existed, but couldn't find.

For instance, about 1972 I was lying in bed listening to the local progressive rock station (WNEW) as I was falling asleep. On come a great R&B song with a line something like "Before I Die I want to be the kind of man you want me to be". The DJ never announced the title or artist that I could hear. Never heard it again. Years later I heard "She's Gone" by Hall and Oats and figured it was them. Nope. Continued to search on and off for decades, employing new technology as it became available.

Early this year, while searching for something totally different on SecondHandSongs I came across "When I Die" by Mother Lode. Bingo! Joy, joy, joy! Found the CD on Amazon, (only format available) Love It. Most of the rest of their songs are weird but "When I Die" is almost as good as my memory had made 'Before I Die'.

Another example is versions. There are some song that I love that have very different interpretations by various artists. "Hey Joe" and "Morning Dew" are two. I like to collect those versions. Long ago I heard a version of "Morning Dew" sung by a guy with a very unique voice. It had a mesmerizing rhythm guitar line that got into my brain. I never forgot it, because the girl I was with turned out to be a nymphomaniac. What a night!

Using   SecondHandSongs agin, I found Long John Baldry on his self-titled album on EMI. What a crystal clear LP! He's recorded several fine versions of the song, but this is THE one with that guitar line. Highly recommended.

I am sure many of you have similar tales and can relate to the elation I felt on finding something I'd been searching for for decades. Let's hear them.
I happened to just listen to "How Do You Do" by Mouth and Macneal on one of the priceless "Hard to Find 45s" CDs. The old am radio one hit wonders never sounded so good.

Could anyone help me find Gary White doing his own composition "Long, Long Time", the song made popular by Linda Ronstadt?

2channel8. GREAT idea for a thread. For me it was something from 1973/74. Going to school in Missouri. Driving around in an old Plymouth Duster.  Heard a great song getting some AM airplay.  
Diamond in the back, sunroof top
Diggin the scene
With a gangsta lean....

Full lyrics at link above.

Lost track of it over the years but it was one of those that kind of haunts you.  Finally, one day in the early '90s, listening to WXPN'S "Funky Friday" show, heard it being played! Called the station. The DJ came on and gave me the low down on it:  William DeVaughn's "Be Thankful for What you Got". People think Curtis Mayfield wrote it.  He didn't.  

Read the full story on Wikipedia.  

The production (thank you Frank Fioravanti, MFSB studio musicians, Sigma Sound and Phila. soul) is genius. What a smooth grooving ride. Hope you will check it out here....


For me, it was Magical Misery Tour, an excellent and really funny John Lennon parody song from a National Lampoon album from 1969 I believe.
My friend once had the album and after I lost touch and no longer had a turntable, I found that it wasn't available on CD. Thanks to YouTube I'm able to listen to it again.
I sort of remember a hotter version of Stones "Under My Thumb". The one on every album is slower than what I'm thinking of. Did they release a 45 with a faster tempo version?
Great idea...here's a couple from the dustbin of my mind...hopefully entertaining, kickstart some old neurons... ;)

Cuts You Up - Peter Murphy

How Soon Is Now? - The Smiths

Waitin' For The Wind - Spooky Tooth

The Bomber/Closet Queen/Bolero/Cast Your Fate To The Wind - The James Gang

Spanish Stroll - Mink DeVille

Other Side To This Life - Fred Neil

Dear Jill - Blodwyn Pig

I have a variation on this theme.  One of my all time favorite ballads is called "Pretending To Care" by Todd Rundgren.  It's a demanding vocal that's been covered many times, including at least once by an operatic soprano whose names eludes me at the moment.  So, one day I hear an incredible version of the song on the radio and don't get the name of the singer or source of the track.

Per this thread, it took many years to track down the singer and album - turns out it's a guy call Fred Froom from a long out of print Rundgren tribute album called "For The Love of Todd".  Of course I grab a used copy on eBay and confirm that it is indeed a grand slam cover of the song.

Weird bonus factoid - An Internet search of Fred Froom yields only one piece of information:

Fred Froom covered the song "Pretending To Care" on the tribute album called "For The Love of Todd".

Other than that, this guy seems to be a ghost.  A search of Mitchell Froom shows no relative called Fred.  Evidently, Fred Froom is a terrific singer who for reasons unknown seems to have had a one song career.
Ghosthouse, I have heard that recording hundreds of times but don't recall ever hearing of William DeVaughn. Great memories. Sound a lot better today than it did on the bus in high school.

FYI SecondHandSongs lists 6 versions of "Pretending to Care", none of which are by Froom. MusicStack has one of his CDs.

Not quite on this theme - but can anyone identify a long lost UNKNOWN song for me
It was a trumpet "song" in the 60's that was NOT Il silenzio
I have the  Eddie Calvert version of that but it is not what I am looking for. It starts off the first couple of bars very similar, but then changes. I heard it again a few years ago as background music to a BBC film here in UK and told myself I would remember the film and check out the credits the next day. Of course I totally forgot everything.I have every other track I ever want that I have heard, apart from this one. Nobody I have asked has any idea of what I am on about and the pool of people around at the time is diminishing also !!

Can you hum a few bars?

Maybe start searching Al Hirt on the net.
I have a couple:

"Oldest Story In The World" by the Plimsouls


"Romeo's Tune" by Steve Forbert


Also loved Magical Misery Tour. It was a VERY convincing impression of Lennon sung by Tony Hendra. The lyrics were all actual quotes from Lennon.

There is a more uptempo version of Under My Thumb on the album Got Live If You Want It. 
Minkwelder: I don't think it was live -I'll check it out. Also, wasn't there a Byrds version of "So you want to be a rock-n-roll star" with no trumpet? Speaking of trumpets, could "El Solo Toro" be the song tatyana69 is looking for?
I'm surprised you had any trouble finding Romeo's Tune since it was a popular FM hit.

You're a stud!  I was 100% certain that I'd never find anything by Froom (or even any info about him).  Also, I hadn't heard of music stack til this thread.  I just ordered it.  Thanks so much for posting.

So glad you scored! It is a triumphant feeling isn't it? Like being rewarded for keeping the faith in searching for something that after so many years, sometimes you doubt even exists. 

I'll give another example. When I was young I never bought Beatles albums. They were always on the radio and my sister and friends and cousins were always playing them, so there was no need. Consequently I was not well versed in some of their more obscure songs. Fast forward 15 or 20 years and I am at a cousin reunion picnic. As was our tradition, after everyone was good and drunk, we started "singing" oldies. My cousin starts "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away". Great song I hadn't thought of for years. I says, 'who did that?' She says "the Beatles, of course." I says "no, there was a female vocal." Bets were laid but never collected. I kinda figured my memory had played a trick on me.

Another decade goes by and I get a fabulous 3 CD collection, The British Invasion. Highly recommended. There it is. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away by the Silkie!!! 
I think I owned the LP when I was younger and had a Bang & Olufsen turntable which eventually was moved on and I got away from audio for several years. Interestingly, certain lyrics stick with me and I recall "lines on my face" would pop into my head every now and then. I always thought about researching it until one day I finally got around to it. This is such a great tune from Peter Frampton playing his 1954 custom Gibson Les Paul with triple humbucking pickups. Not really an obscure song but one who's lyrics haunted me for years. Enjoy!

I haven't thought about that LP in a long time. Hope it's still in one of the boxes. I better go find it!

Hey Ghosthouse. You should check out the rendition of "Be thankful for what you got" by Vanessa Fernandez on the "Use Me" LP

180 gram pressing at 45 RPM. Stellar album !!

Thanks crazyeddy. I found the album on Spotify. That track is running now. I’ve seen her name around but haven’t listened to her at all. I tend to have a bad attitude about covers going in. Show me why I should listen to your version. What are you bringing to it? Similarly, the VF makes me ask "why?". Don’t mean to come across harsh. I’ll try it again later. Different strokes for different folks. Glad it is something you enjoy. BTW - your on-line name - anything to do with the old NJ electronics stores?
This almost qualifies. I fell in love wit a group called AUM almost 50 years ago. The album was Resurrection, the particular song was Today and Tomorrow. The electric guitar just drove into me, so I borrowed it from my older sister - permanently.  That LP has been through all my turntables and cartridges and a few of my sister's, some not so good for vinyl. It has also picked up a few scratches during hundreds of plays. I always searched for another copy in any format without success. So I only listened to it when I needed it, to save further wear.

Then, this July 29th I found it in CD on Amazon. It's not like I haven't looked there half a dozen times before. Now I can listen to it as much as I want and save the LP for those relive-the-whole-experience days. Or if I ever try some weed again. It was THE best on those days!

Hey ghosthouse. I agree with you fully on the merits of doing covers. The reason I brought up the Vanessa Fernandez version was for sonics only.

I have it on 45rpm 180 gm vinyl and the recording is wonderful. I also really love her voice.

No connection to any NJ electronic stores, but now I'm curious. Why ask?

Hey there eddy...got you on the Vanessa Fenandez.  You can read the Crazy Eddie story here (spelling is different).  "His prices are so low they're insane!".  Just thought you might have taken the name from there.  A long lost electronics chain for a long lost songs thread.  

Just scored another one: Greg Brown - 'Cept You & Me Babe.

Heard it once on the car Radio in 2001 or so, and never found it because I remembered the verse as "Except Me and You, Babe."

I don't think I have any more to search for. I feel a little sad about that. Surprising. 
Some one post some thing! I miss searching. I'm depressed.
Hey Ghosthouse. Thanks for the link. Interesting story indeed.
You are welcome, Eddy.
Can someone help?
Heard the song once about 12 years ago, maybe.
Sounded like Phil Collins.
Some of the words were along the lines:
'Don't go by the water' or don't go somewhere
and 'If they can do it to her, they can do it to you'

I haven't found Gary White performing his own composition, "Long Long Time"; but I did get a version by Melanie. It's on her Silver Anniversary double CD and it is a nice interpretation.

I'll still hunt for Gary.
HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember one electronic song or house, lyrics is going: something about you something about you, and repeating that in reffren, and there is something like: think about tommorow night everything is gonna be alright, its slow song and very relaxing, if anyone knows please HELPPPPPPPPP
I believe it is SOMETHING ABOUT YOU by Level 42 from their 1985 album World Machine. I love it!


If that's not it, let me know. There are several other possibilities.
Nope - From Boston's self-titled debut album - 1976

You're combing the lyrics from two songs on the same album

"something about you"
and the other is
"let me take you home tonight" 

They are the last two consecutive songs on side B

Good album - Go get it :)

Oh.....Yeah, I forgot that one. ;^)
I like to collect various versions of my favorite classic songs, Hey Joe, Morning Dew, Summertime. I was going through my parents old LPs that have been stored in my basement since they passed. I found a Perry Como album with Summertime on it. I thought 'what the hell' and cleaned it up and gave it a play. Wow! The dude nailed it. Great female backing vocals, too. Sam Cooke must have gotten the idea from Perry.
I picked up a mint copy of the Left Banke's first album, Walk Away Renee/Pretty Ballerina at a craft fair.
Still looking for help on this one. It's the last one on my "only heard it once" search list:

Can someone help?
Heard the song once about 12 years ago, maybe.
Sounded like Phil Collins or Peter Gabriel; but I doubt it was one of them.
Some of the words were along the lines:
'Don't go by the water' or waterfront
and 'If they can do it to her, they can do it to you' or they can do it to us.
It was a dark song about someone being murdered at night. Might have had a white van in it.
Scored a copy of "Sally Go 'Round The Roses" by the Jaynettes, 1963.
It got into my head and I downloaded versions by Judy Collins and Susanna Hoffs.

Here's another interesting version:
Don't you go downtown
Saddest thing in the whole wide world to see your baby with another girl.

Tim Buckley and Pentangle also did versions, but the Jaynetts is my favorite.  Thanks, the Mitch Ryder version is pretty cool.
I've heard others say that Pentangle's is the best version and I usually love everything Buckley did; but after the Jaynettes' I think I like Judy Collins' best, and I'm not any sort of Collins fan. She sort of takes the eeriness of the original and amps it up. 
It's Jaynetts, not Jaynettes.  They were a completely fictional band.  A studio concoction.

A link to some other versions.

Hi 2channel8
Could your song be Waters Edge by 
Seven Mary Three?

That's it!  That's it!  That's it!  That's it!  That's it!!!!!
Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!!!!
Funny, it doesn't sound like Phil Collins or Peter Gabriel at all; but I guess my memory played tricks over the years.
I am soooo happy that you solved this mystery for me, @wbs ! Do you have the album?
Hello 2channel8

Glad to see you keeping this thread going. A lot more interesting than that blue fuse thread. Wish you were getting more input here. Wish I had more for you.

Re-reading, I see that I never replied to your comment about the William Devaughn. I think a LOT of people thought Be Thankful for What You Got was written by Curtis Mayfield. He did a version and that probably eclipsed the original.

On a more current topic, I think you are exactly right about the eeriness in Sally Go Round the Roses. The Wiki entry gets into this a bit in the section on "Interpretations". I remember the song and liked it a lot when all I had to listen to was AM radio (WABC out of NYC, mostly) on a little Japanese transistor. These years later, I would have bet it was done by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas but looks like I am wrong about that. If you haven’t read the entry you might find the "Other Versions" interesting.

Keep up the good work!  Thanks for the thread.


@onhwy61 . Spelling was never my strong suit. Girl groups may be. Can you guess how many lead singers the Crystals had? Or how many Ronetts'/Darling Sisters songs Ronnie wasn't on? Phil was famous for that stuff. I'd heard all the versions of SGRR in your link except Donna Summers'. Thanks.
@ghosthouse , thanks for the bon mots. Was it WNEW and was it a Channelmaster?
I thought I remembered the Jefferson Airplane doing this song but it was The Great Society w/Grace Slick (Sally Go Round The Roses).
Listening on YouTube as I write...
2channel8 -
No...back in the early ’60s it would have been 77 WABC on the AM dial. At this point, WNEW was news, talk or Andy Williams kind of music. Nothing that interested me. ABC had DJs that played the hits. Sometimes I’d tune in (WFIL?) from Phila. This all would have been a few years before "Underground FM Radio" was happening. THEN I did listen to WNEW a LOT (Scott Muni, Jonathan Schwarz, Allison Steele). My first 2 channel gear (circa ’69/’70) was an HH Scott receiver w/SuperEx headphones. First song I heard on it was CCR doing SusieQ.

Hahaha...Channelmaster. You would think I might remember given I did spend a lot of time with that thing. But I don’t. Something like that red Sceptre maybe in second row (see link). Used to listen with it under the pillow before getting up for school in the morning. The Beatles were happening. Lot of excitement, believe it or not. Everything was NEW; never done or heard before.


Of course it was WABC. I must have been having a mixed memory. My Channel Master was AM only.


Well, I find that there are three 7-M-3 albums with 3 different versions of Water's Edge, actually 2 and a various artists collection called Road Rage. None of them are easily available so I down loaded the 5 minute version from iTunes.

That is the LAST long lost song on my to find list. On one hand I am euphoric. On the other I kinda feel like Don Quixote when they took his lance away.

I do have another story: Years ago we went to see Neil Young and Emmylou Harris was opening. She did a great version of what I remembered as Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. A few years ago I became bemused by the song. I now have 5 versions of it, but could never find Emmylou's. Last week I somehow stumbled on her song The Pearl, which has a lot of Alleluias in the chorus. That must have been what we heard. It is a great find!
Emmy Lou Harris...
Talk about the complete package. She was and still is that.
Case in point....

Now, from the sublime to the ridiculous...
With loss of a couple more brain cells, this could have been a "long lost song". But apparently the responsible cells are still in place and functional. Back in those AM radio days, liked this one quite a bit.
(and my wife thinks I have questionable taste...go figure)


Wow! That's quite an all-star band behind Ms. Harris, too.

Telstar was a huge hit in my home town. A lot of the work on it was done at Bell Labs Murray Hill in New Providence NJ, the largest employer in town. My Grandfather had an award for his participation.