25 years ago today Elvis Presley died.
I own some 1200 CD's and not a single Elvis record (I should especially the Sun period,some great stuff)but I acknowldge without him about 1000 of those records wouldn't exist.......irrespective of the movie years,his tragic decline or limited writing abilities-- at his peak he was unique, original,the performer who not only made some of the most important records of 20th century popular music but the man who inspired countless others to push popular song and performance forward.
Hat's off to Elvis,the King of Rock and Roll.........
Happy Birthday Elvis!! I'm like Ben, I love Elvis but own none of his CDs. I do have a DVD called "That's The Way It Is (Special Edition)." This has some beautiful video quality and lots of up-close personal time with Elvis in the studio.
What are the best Elvis discs?

Please let us know, I am sure everyone could use this information.

The purchases had nothing to do with the date, but I just bought four Elvis LPs on Ebay. I already had two of the new Simply Vinyl Elvis releases and they were so good I decided to fill in the collection. Simply Vinyl has a five LP set called Gold Records, along with his first LP after leaving Sun. They have great historical value but the sound is so good you will be happy to listen to them too! I have other Elvis LPs but these SV releases are by far the best sounding.
He's dead?? Wait a minute ... I think the National Enquirer and Globe would disagree.

Seriously, I can't believe it's been 25 years. He shaped rock and roll! He'll live forever through influence.
There is a nice abstraction for THE KING created by Robert Fripp(a guitarist of King Crimson) with the same name as title of this thread.
I would now just think of THE KING listening to this album.
If you can be cool saying:
A Hey Bop-a-loopa.

You're pretty cool.

I have a few recordings of his early sun sessions - he was sumthin else back then.
i thought it was bee-bop-a-loo-la
Happy bithday Elvis?

I drove my Sportster from Chicago to Memphis to see Graceland. I had to do it once in my lifetime. My ass is still sore.
Flemke, I'm losing my mind.
You are not alone........