Long live Rock? 2022 R&R HOF

If the name was just called Music HOF, maybe there wouldn't be such a stink?

No comment on the inductees, just questioning the R&R connection.



It's R&R hall of shame mostly. It's all daily crap from recording industry artists. 

Prefer to explore music outside of it regardless of who there.

@czarivey - what are 'recording industry artists' as opposed to others? How are you hearing this music to explore if the artists are not recording it? Seems to me that if you're recording your music and getting it released, you're a 'recording industry artist' in some form or another.

I don't like the concept of Halls of Fame or Grammies when it comes to the arts - shouldn't be a competition - but if there's got to be one, I think 'Popular Music Hall of Fame' would be more accurate and have fewer people complaining about the artists that are in there. 

Anyway, I voted for my selections yesterday! 

Recording industry standard artists are mostly in the major labels such as Atlantic, Capital, RCA etc... 

Other artists can't afford to go that way, but they're much better choice outside of recording industry standard. 

Both Cleveland and Nashville Halls totally downplay/ignore the two Jerry’s - Lee Lewis and Reed. That’s the end of their cred for me.

Nudie Cohn got more display in Nashville than either and he never recorded a lick.

Better off going to classic western movie making country for his exhibits, Lone Pine, CA.

Parton, Eminem, Ritchie - nominees for the R&R HOF? WTF was the nominating committee thinking! Smoking PCP? Might as well add Celtic Frost to the list! 

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The nominees must have something going on in a parallel universe?

Parton blasting  "Jolene" with a Les Paul/Marshall?


The complete list for 2022. All in for Rage! MC5 and NYD.

Dolly PartonEminemLionel RichieCarly Simon, Pat Benatar, Dionne WarwickDuran DuranJudas PriestRage Against the MachineBeckKate Bush, DEVO, Eurythmics, Fela Kuti, MC5, New York Dolls and A Tribe Called Quest all made the for 2022.

I don't much care what label an artist is on - I listen for the music, not the label. Tons of great music on major labels - Beatles, Stones, Dylan, Led Zep, Metallica, and I could list many hundreds more, just in rock - that doesn't even include jazz, country, blues, etc.

On the other hand, my favorite musical artist is named Kristeen Young and she has released 10 albums since 1997 and has never really been on a record label as she refuses to compromise her art in any way; she self-releases her CD's. 

My votes went for Duran Duran, Kate Bush, DEVO, MC5, and New York Dolls. I'd have gone with Celtic Frost if they'd been on there! 

Rock is dead.  Soon Nickelback  would have to be in. Not that there is anything wrong with that. 

"Rock is dead.  Soon Nickelback  would have to be in. Not that there is anything wrong with that."


You just won the internet! 


Any organization that inducts KISS into their "Hall Of Fame" is an obvious joke. By default.

+1 @mapman 

I didn't know the public can vote. Is that why all music genres count as R&R? 

Instead of being called "The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame", it should be renamed the "The Rock and Roll Hall of the Somewhat Famous".

Last year they inducted T.Rex.

Seriously, can anyone name two T.Rex songs that aren't "Bang a Gong"?

Actually, every single cut on "Electric Warrior" OTHER than "Bang A Gong" is outstanding. A brilliant album, IMO. And that’s it for Marc Bolan. Certainly not HOF worthy but a thousand times better than KISS and their ilk.

Rock and Roll as a category has become much more elastic in the popular mind than in mine.  As with many of you, my definition starts with 50's and 60's rock and roll and then moves to the artists whose music carried a strong connection to that music. 

Artists who were a little outside of that in soul and R&B were soul and R&B artists (not necessarily rock), but not letting them into the tent would seem elitist.  For example, Sam and Dave were more soul than rock, but who in their right mind would want to exclude music that was so objectively great and influential (and had such a great beat)?

But from there, we have a sliding scale.  Michael Jackson was the King of Pop who only dabbled in rock (and quite well with "Billy Jean" and "Dirty Diana"), so he wasn't a rock artist, but he was too popular to leave out of the tent.

So then we get to including Hip-Hop artists such as Run-DMC, who included guitar in some songs largely to add appeal for a white audience.  NWA had a rebellious attitude that aligned with rock's image, but what else did they have in common with Elvis or The Beatles or anyone else in the "Rock" area of the record store?

I used to be upset that certain artists were overlooked while others that were more "pop" than "rock" were included, but then I learned to stop caring.  I have my record collection and my own hall of fame, and I enjoy it immensely.  And after I'm gone, it won't matter anyway.

RRHOF is a joke. There are too many artists that have nothing to do with rock; they know it and we know it. They are much more political than they are concerned with actual rock. @middlemass I take it you aren't a KISS fan! That's alright, not everybody likes everyone, but KISS at least is certainly Rock and Roll and have more ROCK cred than many of the artist in the so-called hall. They were groundbreaking and very influential to a lot of current rock artist.

It's crap.  It totally ignores quality, and focuses on popularity/album sales.  No Squeeze, Graham Parker, Richard Thompson, Midnight Oil, The Smiths...; but a lot of 80s hair bands, rap and pop.  Did I mention that it's crap?  How about a thread for the all the great artists that will never get in!

As I do not listen to any radio as it is only small group of chosen ones. The R&R hall has  Morphed into another hollyweird production show!

I have my own Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, they can have theirs. Enjoy the music

I understand that I’m not following the directions specified in the original post but I rarely have done so in my life & I’m happy.

Until the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame includes & in fact dedicates at least half a “ show” to Ian Andersen & Jethro Tull, I can’t take anything it does seriously. He is supremely talented, singer, song writer, plays flute & guitar very well & has created a vast & diverse body of work for over 50 years!! From beautiful acoustic pieces to progressive hard rock he & Tull could do it all well!  

I’ve seen the band many times since the release of Aqualung & Thick as A Brick, Stand Up and many other albums w/ differing  band versions, solo & w/ a full symphony orchestra. All fantastic! 

Don’t miss them & him if you truly love rock & roll! 

PS- Martin Barre’s guitar solo on Aqualung through Volti Audio Horn speakers & a Rogers amp is so much fun & cracks me up. Close to live! What’s it’s all about!

Obviously KISS is pathetic musically, I personally can't listen to it, but that was never the standard for R&RHoF. They did revolutionize the "show" part of the equation, and deserve recognition for their achievement and vast influence.

Dolly Parton is an accomplished musician, but R&R?  That's ridiculous.  She has comedic talent too, and is no doubt lhao.  

Interviewer: "How do you feel about all those "dumb blonde jokes? Do you feel insulted?

Dolly: "Oh no!  I think they're funny!  Besides, (conspiratorily), I'm not really blonde."

Lionel RichieDionne Warwick? Good musicians, but I'm sure that they never once considered their music R&R.  The HoF has no credibility at all, even less than most such awards. Even the baseball HoF has become a joke - and unlike music, there are objective standards that could have been used for that.

Unsurprisingly, someone like this isn't 

One of the OTHER guitar innovators the rock gods listened to



@kb54 - I love all those artists you mentioned! I somehow wonder if they give a damn about whether they're in the Rock Hall or not. I don't much care about 'Grammies' either - music ain't a contest! Change the name of the HoF to 'Popular Music HoF' and fewer people would whine about it....