Long Island, NY - Audio Syndrome

The Audio Syndrome is a fun audiophile club with members in the New York City and Long Island area. We have meetings 10 out of 12 months (not July & August), usually on the last Friday of the month. There's a large variety of topics and locations, from members homes to stores, recording studios and manufacturers.

A monthly notice is posted at the Audio Asylum Events website (see below).

For more information please contact:

Charles Rollo - president

"Triode" Pete Grzybowski - recording secretary
(516)799-9521 or hondogrizz@aol.com

Bob McNeice - treasurer
(516)799-2105 or ptmconsulting@att.net
Hi - I live on Long Island and am interested in this club - please contact me with more info - thanks !!
Greenlawn Audio/video club; Jay Lawrence ;Pres. Greenlawn, Suffolk county N.Y. E-mail@Polojbl@hotmail.com
Hello, I live in western suffolk county and would like to know more about joining your club. Please contact me at boathost@yahoo.com Thanks.
Hi. I live in western suffolk and I am interested in learning more about high end audio and joining your club. Please contact me at suhtlh@optonline.net. Thnak you.
hi, i live in suffolk co. and want to get involved... please send me info.. thanks
Hi Can you send some info?
Charlie Rollo president audio syndrome number is posted under clubs
Hi, Can you send me some info
Contact Paul Mah directly

(212) 799-9078 (h)
(646) 249-0568 (c)
You can find them here...


I'm interested in the club.


I'm interested in the club.


I'm interested in the club.

Chris, the best way to get in touch with club members is at www.audionervosa.com on the club board there.

Looking forward to meeting you at a 2013 meeting.

I am interested in joining. East Islip here
Hi Peteolivieri

For Audio Syndrome stuff be sure to check out the audionervosa forum. There is a specific section there regarding Audio Syndrome.
Is it true heavy snow improves your sound ?
Is it true heavy snow improves your sound ?
Do any LI or NYC members use any First Watt amps in their systems?
Hello fellows, when is the next meeting.
Is there a website for "The Audio Syndrome" or a contact person?
Is the club still active?  I'm seeing posts from 2013 and most recently 4-26-18.  Is there anybody out there?

Yes, they are still active. Members rarely post there except for "Rollo"
"Triode Pete" and "Tmazz"
I personally attend meetings on occasion.
Meeting are usually Friday nights once a month except for the summer.
Email "Rollo" for more info