Long intereconnects - Phono to Pre?

I'm just getting into analog and have a question about interconnect length between my phono preamp and my preamp.

My phono pre is a Simaudio LP 5.3, and I'd like to place it a few meters away from my speakers and the rest of my electronics. Would there be a problem if I run 4 meters of balanced interconnects between the LP 5.3 and my preamp?

The preamp is an Aesthetix Calypso and I currently have a 4 meter run of Harmonic Tech Truthlink balanced (47pF capacitance per foot).
Try and see. Balanced should make this setup work. As long as you have the cables what's to lose?
From a technical standpoint, I don't see any problem doing that.

The balanced outputs of the LP5.3 have a 100 ohm output impedance, according to Stereophile's measurements. Four meters of cable at 47 pf/ft represents a capacitive reactance at 20kHz of about 13,000 ohms, which is negligible in relation to the 100 ohm output impedance. (If the capacitive reactance of the cable were not substantially higher than the phono stage's output impedance, the upper treble would be rolled off).

Inductance and resistance are almost always insignificant for line-level interconnects, and the balanced configuration should provide good noise rejection.


-- Al