Long interconnect for amp

I have a Belles Reference 150A power amp and Belles 21A Auricap line stage, (the rest of the system is posted), and am looking for recommendations for a long RCA interconnect between the two. I am moving to a new house and would like to have my electronics a distance from the speakers to insure best speaker placement. I am guessing 2m-3m interconnects. I like the Nordost Heimdal but just too much money in those lengths and the Shunyata areis is being discontinued. Any ideas? My short list includes the Blue Marble Audio, others? Thanks.
DH labs BL-1 or for a little more, I find their Air Matrix cable to be unbeatable for the price.
I own a 6.0m IC from "Signal Cable". Excellent for the money.
Be caeful of long runs and r/f. Did you ever think of Anti-Cables? They should be included in your search. I absolutely love them in my all Ayre/Vandersteen 5A system.