Long IC pre to amp

Hi all

Looking for recommendations for a 15ft interconnect to run from an Audiopax Model 5 to Audiopax monoblocks.

I have read a number of threads and it seems I need a well shielded low capacitance IC. Balanced is not an option.

I currently use Tara Labs and ASI Liveline cables.

Prepared to pay so that sound is not degraded - some have talked of rolled of highs with longer ICs.

Hi, I don't think 15th is so long...(40, 50, 100 yes...) You should be ok...maybe elevate them if on carpet, be careful around AC cords...
Blue Jean Cable LC-1.
I run a 4M ASI Liveline XLR from pre to amp without any issues. Compared it to a 1.5M and cannot hear any differences.
Thanks all - this is encouraging.
I'm using 35ft of Audio Art IC-3SE with Xhadow XLR's to my mono's, great cable for the price. Robert Fritz the owner of Audio Art can make you cables any lenght you want, and he's a good guy to deal with.
Zu Audio Mission ICs.
I use a 15' pair from my Centrance DACmini to my stereo and there is no roll off of the highs, lows or anything else. They work great.

I got them for about half price bidding over on ebay from Zu Audio.
FWIW, I am having some 20' ICs to connect my preamp to my amp custom made for me as I type. Before I placed the order, however, I checked with the manufacturer of the preamp (McIntosh). I was told a run that length of RCA ICs would be no problem for my preamp, but that with some preamps, this can be an issue.

Make sure whatever you buy is well-shielded against RF interference.
Thanks Bondmanp. Tara Labs is high on the list and they work well with Audiopax - I also like and use the ASI Livelines. My situation is complicated as I may move to amps with balanced connections so I do not want at this stage to spend a lot on a single ended IC that may then need to be replaced.
I used a 7m Kimber PBJ for several years between a tube pre/ SS amp with fine results.