long i/c run...looking for high end cable

I have a 40ft i/c run from my h/t processor to my monoblocks which are in the front of the room. I've heard that Synergistic Research is one of the best high end i/c for very long runs? Any thoughts or other suggestions? I will be auditioning a pair next week as well as a pair of Vahallas.


Whatever brand of cables that you end up going with, with that long of a run, i would HIGHLY recommend using balanced cables. Sean
Balanced Goertz Micropurl interconnect did it for me, 30 foot long run between my BAT VK30 preamp and BAT VK500 amp. I tried using single-ended cables first, they served as an excellent antenna! Balanced only for long runs Jon.
I will definitely be using balanced cables...I should have listed the amps and processor...amps are Levinson 436's processor is ML No. 40, speakers are Revel Salons.

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Since you seem to have the scratch why don't you order a balanced Innersound cable from their website? Then you will have a backup and a baseline from which to compare the expensive cables. If you look at my system I am very happy with my Innersound (8M) - you'll need 10 or 12 M I think. The Innersound is built on sound engineering principles.
I'm using 22 ft long Harmonic Tech Truth Links unbalanced. Not a real expensive cable to be sure but they sound better in my system than some much more expensive cables i've tried. I have had no noticible increase in noise floor since i went from 1.5 m run to the 4 m. If your amp and preamp aren't truely balanced in their design, having balanced inputs isn't evidence of a balanced design, the balanced cables may not help.
You'll be surprized but Canare pro-grade balanced cables available at Sam Ash Music store will do the trick with long runs at measurable price paid.
And I thought my 4 m. run was long! I have been using the Stealth PGS-3D from Interlink. It is gold litz and excellent. I would prefer Siltech G5 Compass Lake were I Bill Gates. I have tried Pure Note, Jena Labs, and several lesser cables in my 4 m. run, but have found nothing close to the Stealth.

Yep I've got a really long run...I'm currently using Tranparent Ref w/xl. I had them from my system in my townhome. When I bought a house I had a dedicated theater built where I also do my music listening. I had the equipment room built using the Transparents, unfortunately I didn't think about changing cables until the system was hooked up for a couple months. It will be a pain to reconfigure the equipment room & move the equipment closer to the front of the room where the monoblocks are. Even if I did move it closer I'd still need at least a 5 meter run & I'm thinking there may not be much of a difference between that an a 10 or 11 meter run. I could be wrong though...BTW the transparents I'm using now are balanced. I auditioned some Vahallas this weekend & they weren't bad at all. they were only 5 meters though.

The Vahallas weren't bad?? One thing is for certain, they were expensive.

I would think that half the length would greatly affect the impedance and capacitance. I made the decision sometime ago that my speakers would sound more open were there not all my electronics between them. Putting the equipment racks on the side wall, however, meant long interconnects from the preamp to the amps and crossover. Even my 4 m. length means hanging these ics over the left speaker rather than going behind it. Certainly this does not look as good, but my room is out of sight for visitors.

I wish you good luck. That is about all that I can say as I have yet to find an extraordinary ic in this length that I can afford. The Stealth is the best I have found. I have neither a balanced amp or balanced out preamp, and I do not really understand why that would be much of an advantage. There is also the issue of whether the balancing is just a transformer or is really two circuits.
Have a similar problem, with approx. 11 meter IC runs to amps driving our living room system. Preamp is Herron VTSP-1, and amps are Rogue Magnum M-120 mono's. Neither provide for balanced connections. Would it help to, say, run the IC's in rigid (steel) conduit to reduce noise pick-up? What electrical devices should I avoid most as I route the IC's? Thanks.
Sorry to be so long in responding; I am out-of-town. I think there must be several considerations. RFI with unshielded ics might recommend steel conduit that is grounded, but I really worry about such proximity of steel. I do not like to have anything other than ceramics (Suspenders) in contact with even my insulated cables. I would most avoid big power transformers.
Jon_p- I'm currently running almost 30 ft IC to my wavac 833 monos (unbalanced) and have no RFI problems. This wasn't the case with a couple of other cables I tried, though. I'm usng the Sonoran Plateau cable and am quite pleased with the results. To say they are a bargain, is sometimes the "kiss of death" in the rarified world of hi-end; but they definitely qualify as such. I'm sure they're available in balanced configuration if you're so inclined to investigate further. Good luck in your search.
If you have not done so, please post on your impressions on the Wavacs.
please Mr. jcbtubes, would you be so kind and answer Tbgs Question. What influenced you to buy these amps? Did some kind sole tell you how wonderful these amps are? Did someone tell you the extraodinary sound that these amps offered? What a great friend you must have that brought these amps to your attention. I am sure you are very greatful. Please, if it is no bother, would you please inform Tbg your impression of these amps. And could you please tell us what finally made you purchase these incredible amps. You must have a friend that you feel you owe more than you could ever imagine. You are such a lucky man. Wish I had a friend like yours.

Now answer Tbg. Do you feel you can handle this?
One more Question Mr. Jcbtubes. Though I bow to your superior knowledge, what ever made you decide on the Sonoran IC? I would very much like to know where this incredible knowledge you have been blessed with comes from.
Don't forget to answer Tbg's Question. I am sure many of us would love to hear your opinions of the Wavac 8 Something, something. Looking very much forward to your views.
Thank you so much.
Tbg- I used to have a very good friend (who would never stoop so low as to attempt to generate accolades from self-serving questions) that was kind enough to offer his insight on both of the items in question. Having trusted his advice previously concerning a particular turntable, I nevertheless listened to him concerning the WAVAC 833 sonic capabilities (and of course, the pictures and kind words in print didn't hurt either)! The same is true of the Sistrum and Sonoran products, though much credit must go to the time and generousity of Robert at Audiopoints.com. So, to my humble friend, I say "thank you." To Mr. Brulee I ask, "have we met before?";-)
I don't know if you have already settled this issue but I asked a similar question a few months ago. You can check my threads if you want to read up on all of it, but I found the Purist ICs to be fantastic for long runs without significant signal loss. Other ICs tend to suffer from longer runs where the Purist excells in these applications. The best cables I auditioned or bought were the Proteus and the Dominus. The Dominus were so good superlatives fail me, but alas were beyond my means to purchase. If you have the chance read the reviews and audition their cables!
Jcbtubes, are you talking to me? You talking to me! You would know without a doubt if we have met before. For you would never needed to have asked that question. How about answering those questions you so cleverly avoided.

Jcbtubes, for those who don't know what these letters mean, please let me inform you. J-Just C-credible B-best friend a person could have. T-trustworthy. U- understanding even when He has no reason to be. B- Being there when no one else is. E- Enormous heart. S- Sincere to the end.
Thanks Jcbtubes.
Probably sound like a broken 78 record but I love my Sonoran Signature cables. I use thru-out my system. Amp to pre-amp are 1 meter the same from d/a to preamp. I use 1.42meter digital cable which is fabulous. My dual servo 15's are feed by a 10ft pair of the same Sonoran Signature interconnect. All of the same cable all the more coherent..
Jon_P: WOW! That is a long run. How much do Valhallas cost at 40-ft? You would need a low cap. balanced cable for best results. I have used Pure Note Epsilons at 20-ft. with good sonic performance.
I concur on the Sonorans. I don't know what all of this personlized byplay is all about but I got 45ft plus runs of sonoran plateau,some biwired, for 7 speakers and 2 subs. After breakin the sound is fantastic. I heard similar setups with MIT Nordost and others and the sound while having some different, and welcome characteristics, is at least comparable. I paid no small price for the cable but it was a fraction of valhalla or mit or others. The cost made sense when compared to my other equipment. Levinson ML 40 Revel studios,subs,embrace,voice,Proceed PMDT dvd/cd, proceed hpa amps and harmonic precision monos.
One guy wondered as I did what would nordost valhalla or spm cost at these lengths and quantities? I would have paid more for the cable than all my equip. combined including the crt projector and faroudja scaler.
I run 19' Nordost Red Dawn BALANCED and have an incredibly quiet noise floor (the Belden 83802 AC lines and Pcs help, too).