Long HDMI vs. short, Long interconnects vs. short

My DVD player sits below the TV, and both rest on a stand that is 10 ft. from my 2 channel audio rack. (I refuse to keep all of it together in one cabinet. Logistically that won’t work in my condo, and to me the whole “entertainment center” look is just too 1980s looking for me) What is the lesser of 2 evils? Keeping the DVD player right under the TV and using a short HDMI cable to the TV for video, while running long RCA interconnects to my PRE for the audio portion... Or placing the DVD player in the audio rack with a long HDMI running to the TV for video and a short RCA interconnect to the PRE for audio.
Input is appreciated, Thanks!
How long is long? How short is short? I suspect you are dealing with distances which will make this a non-issue.

Also, you need to consider the Cost factor.

Price of long interconnects are usually high cost.
10 feet versus 18 inches
With decent connectors, it won't matter.

It shouldn't matter at those lengths.

Bob Wood

I have the same situation as you, but the distance to my TV is a few feet longer. I kept the DVD with the audio rack and got a long HDMI from bettercables.com. The picture is excellent. If it could be better, I would think it would be too close for me to tell.
I faced the same dilemma with a front projector behind me and three amps up front.

Although I concur with the statements already made, I opted for short DVI/HDMI cable to the projector and long interconnects to the amps. Thankfully, my Krell HTS2 processor and Krell amps all have balanced in/ outs on XLR's, which makes the long audio runs a non-issue.

If the setup is primarily for home theater, I'd say prioritize the picture and keep the video runs relatively short. If the setup is primarily for audio, I'd say do the opposite.

If cost is not a factor and you want it all, do what I did and keep the video short and use longer balanced audio runs... just bear in mind that limits your choice of processor/ amps to the more expensive variety.
As an addendum to the previous post, I didn't realize until now that we're talking about 10 feet versus 18 inches. I concur with the other posters that it doesn't make a difference in your case. (In my case, it was 32 feet).
Pardon me, I haven't(and won't) read all the posts, but have you read Mapleshade's webpage that recommends at least 8 feet of speaker cable?