Long distance move - Trust moving company unpack

I will be moving cross country and wonder whether to entrust the movers with handling my system. A friend is doing the packing on the load in side.  My question is should I trust the movers on the load out to uncrate and place my system in my new home? Or better to reach out to a local audio shop and have a tech do it.  COVID scenario complicates the issue since I am in.a high risk category and will not be at either site but will FaceTime with the movers.  I will have a friend present at unload but she won't be able to manage heavy components.  
Thanks for any advice and stay well.  

I also moved this year and was faced with the fact that it turned out to be an extremely tedious process. At first I thought about selling my kitchen furniture, but the prices for new (high-quality) one didn`t make me so happy.

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+ 1 on fear and loathing.

I've not been able to shop for my movers, who have been vendors who worked with my employers.

Some loss and damage in all cases, with variable luck on the insurance: some vendors quickly made it right, but the last one kept demanding "further documentation" 'till I gave up (right up there with the company that cancelled roadside assistance on my vehicle because I used it).

That said, my audio gear, always packed to shipping standards, has always come through OK.


But nothing too big or complex.  If I had really high value or delicate kit, I'd think the most reassuring solution  would be to rent a van and move it myself, maybe with the help of occasional labor on both ends.

The honus for take precaution with gear on owner. This why alway keep origin box for all item. Meet professional tell them what you have and if they can’t tell every guy importance for audio or antique go next company. If no origin box write live animal on each box and poke air hole. Tell guy animal sedate and move gently to not wake. If speaker big tell hibernate bear. If phono cart tell them honeybee need to go in cab. Just no say human in box because might ask question.