Long distance from amp to speakers

My situation(i.e.,my wife's strong preference) is to have my amp, preamp, etc. at one end of the living room and the speakers at the other.
I know this is NOT recommended, but I don't have a choice. We're talking about a distance of 30 - 35 feet. The amp is an Ayre 5xe; the speakers are Vandersteen 2ce's. For years I've been using plain Monster cable (nothing special)bi-wired but it occurred to me that I should look for alternatives, having just upgraded the amp and preamp. I would be grateful for any thoughts about lessening the degradation of the sound with long speaker cords.
Thank you
Balanced wires would be great for your situation if your gear can accomidate them, long runs are the reason those cables exist.
Put your amp at the same end of the room as your speakers -- there's no reason for it to be w/ all the source & control components.

Balanced interconnects would be best for the long run from preamp to amp, but if you only have RCA connectors you might also do well with Belden-type cable (shielded, twisted pair).

I have a similar situation, but only about a 25 ft. run, and found that a cheaply-priced AR cable from Best Buy, advertised for subwoofer use (twisted pair, foil-shielded) makes an excellent long-distance interconnect between my Audio Research preamp & amp.
Unless you really want to screw up the synergy to your system I would NOT run long speaker cables across the room. Have you tried the I'll just shut the system down since you won't let me use it the way it was supposed to be setup? I'm not trying to flame on you and I wish you luck. I just don't understand spending thousands (I meant to say hundreds of dollars) in case your wife is looking over your shoulder and reading this on equipment and then setting it up at home in a substandard way? I'm so glad I did get divorced 5 years ago. Looking back now my ex wife even teased me and said "now you can set up the room the way you want to"! It's a control thing. Ask her to at least compromise. They can only withhold sex for so long anyway.
The other thing you can do is place the amp next to the speakers and have your preamp on the other side of the room and run a long balanced interconnect?
I have some cables 35ft long from signal cable They use 10gage wire and sound pretty nice. I think the 10 gage wire is why they sound so good. I have sense moved my room around and am not using them anymore if you would like to buy them let me know.


Is it better to run long speaker cables or long IC's. It sounds like in you situation it must be speaker cables. The problem is finding a quality cable at 35' that doesn't break the bank. First of all at that length you should use atleast a 14 gauge wire due to signal loss over the length of the cable. I use a 35' run of Synergistic Research Alpha Quad in a bi-wire configuration to feed my rear speakers with execelent results. This is not an inexpensive solution the cable company has a 10'terminated pair for $281 and change. I estimate a 35' pair to be to be about a grand terminated. But the nice thing is you can keep your bi-wire configuration with this cable.

Another place to check is bluejeans cable. Canare 4S11 Speaker Cable, Terminated spade to bi-spades or banna to bi-banna is $77.25 per cable for a total of $144.50.

Good luck in your search.
I paid 281.00 for the 35ft signalcable cables they are 10gage wire and very nice construction. I would recommend them to anyone that needs long cables at a price that won't break the bank.