Long distance from amp to speakers

My situation (i.e., my wife's strong wishes) requires me to have my amp, preamp, etc. about 30-35 feet from my speakers.
I know this is NOT recommended, but I have to live with it.
I have recently upgraded the amp and preamp (Ayre K5xe and V5xe)and thought I should try to do something about the speaker cables. I've been using Monster cord (nothing special)runninng to Vandersteen 2ce's bi-wired.
I would be grateful for any suggestions to minimize the sound degradation because of the long distance to the speakers. What speaker cable should I look into that won't break the bank?
Thank you.
Any possibility of hiding the amps behind the Vandersteens?

If yes, you can leave the preamp where it is, use relatively inexpensive long interconnect cables and very short speaker wires. The interconnect cable is less intrusive, less visible and cheaper. The really good news, sound will be improved and you will hopefully have a system arrangement that's OK with your wife.

To hide the amps, they can not only go behind the speakers, but may also be camouflaged by placing plants or other decorative items to shield them from view.

If this is impossible I would go for Belden speaker cable from Blue Jeans Cable company. VERY inexpensive speaker wire. Later if the situation improves and you can afford shorter and higher quality cables you can afford to throw the Belden speaker wires in a drawer for a rainy day project.

If it matters to you, Richard Vandersteen is a big fan of this set up. He (like me) does not believe in super long speaker cables.
Monster cables should be fine - you are using an SS amp - so it is not much of an issue. What is the damping factor on your amp?
As long as it doesn't introduce noise, you shouldn't be able to tell the difference. Years ago I had a 40' run of AQ Crystal in a bi-wire configuration & had the cable cut down to smaller sections when I was able to reposition the gear. I didn't notice a difference.

Ayre works very well with Cardas & in fact they use internal wiring by Cardas.
I also have this situation with a system of mine. I went with signal cable, and have been very happy.
I recently got a chance to audition several Nordost cables - I had to move the speakers closer, and they were 1/2 the length of the Signal cables. I started and ended the test with my 25 ft Signal cables.
I had to go to the level of Nordost's Frey until they were clearly superior to Frank's (Signalcable). That's a very big price difference to pay when you use long cables! I put to rest my fear of long runs with this test, though. And, I lust in my heart for a pair of 25 ft. Nordost Freys.
If your system is on the first floor and you have a basement under it, you can mount the amp on a platform in the basement just under the speakers any run a short run of speaker wire to the speaker through a small hole in the floor or baseboard. You would run a long interconnect cable from the pre-amp to amp.

I've never used this setup myself, but I've seen it mentioned here a few times.


Sorry for saying so,but why would I need my wife to tell me,where to place my amps?Forget that, I wouldn't put my amps or arrange my system in sush away that it would degrade the sonics that I paid so much to achieve,just because she wants it.And then start looking for solutions to fix or correct,something that can be avoided all together.
I am with George. Reposition the wife (preferably in another country) not the amps.
Many thanks for the advice. I don't know the damping factor of the amp, but I'm now thinking seriously of the "basement option." The speaker wires are already running along the basement wall just below the living-room floor and come up through small holes in the floor. So I'm going to see about getting very long interconnects from the preamp. It sounds like a workable solution.
I'm grateful for the help all around.
Several thoughts.....first, no one should give you advice about your marraige...that is inappropriate. If you had asked for help in deciding between your wife and your amps, that's a different story. I have tried several solutions for long runs and came up with this- long run of Belden LC-1 shielded interconnect from Blue Jeans cable + short run of Spelz anti-cable speaker cables. Second best- any short excellent interconnect of your choice + long run of Canare 4S11 twisted wire speaker cable. I have done both in two separate systems and have found that the configuration depends on your components. You will have to experiment, but it will not be that expensive (yet!). Good luck!
Do what Albert say's.....
I'll second the basement arrangement. I do just what TIC says with the amp mounted up high and 12' speaker cables. I used a balanced DIY (followed directions posted here)cable from preamp to amp (about 35'). I was sure relieved when I hooked it all up and it sounded great, indistinguishable from running a short unbalanced interconnect (to me).

Actually I have a second amp down there as well -- it drives the "whole house" audio.

My amp is really big, so this is also a win in terms of space for the stuff that needs to be close at hand (all the stuff with knobs and buttons). I wouldn't have room for all the sources (music server, tape, turntable, and two preamps) without this arrangement.

If you're running wire anyway, be sure to run a wire for a 12V trigger, even if your current pre and/or amp doesn't support it. It's nice to be able to shut the amp off remotely.

And if your wife supports your interests and hobbies, count your blessings and hide the amp!