Long Digital cable or Long ICs

Hi everyone,
I need to connect my DVD player (connected to a external dac) to my amp. The DVD player is about 10 feet away from my amp. Should I get a 15 feet digital cable along with 3 feet interconnects (move the DAC close to the amp) or get a 3 feet digital cable along with 15 feet interconnects (and keep the DAC close to the DVD)?

Which configuration should provide the best setup given the situation? The long digital cable with the short ICs or the long ICs with the short digital cable?

Any opinions will be appreciated.
Digital cable. Less money, plus longer digital cables help reduce jitter as opposed to long interconnects which are costly and can degrade the signal (single ended).
I agree with Brian for the exact reasons mentioned. Line loss still occurs with ANY long cable, but the longer run of digital can actually help to reduce the impact that reflected waves would have on the signal. Sean