Long cord from Power Plant to amplifier?

I've got mono amps beside the speakers, on the long wall, with the equipment rack on the side wall. Long runs of balanced interconnects run from preamp to amps. I've been looking into getting a PS Audio Power Plant, but have read (from PS Audio) that a long run from the wall to the PP is preferable to a long run from the PP to the component. Since I won't be buying multiple power plants -- budget won't allow this -- something would have to give. If I located the Power Plant at the rack and ran short cords from the source components, I'd have to run a power cord of about 5 meters to reach the further amp. Would this merely be less than optimum, or would a run this long be a real problem?
For what it's worth, I've been leaning toward picking up a used Power Plant Premier here on Audiogon. I've found my system sounding fabulous (relatively) late at night, night after night, and much less so during the day, day after day, and have been hoping that adding a PPP would make the days more like the nights -- except lighter.
Thanks for any help you might give me with this.
-- Howard
I have a PPP which I use for my entire system including a CJ 350 amp. The PPP got rid of a lot of the junk in my AC; even though I have 2 dedicated lines. If you use a heavy cable I would think it should work fine. It might also be the time to have a dedicated line installed if this is practical.
Thanks, Stanwal.
I would put the Power plant so it is located between the power amps so the power amp line connects are the shortest they can be but equal. Then I would run a longer extension to the rack with the low power components. Long power wiring to low power draw components like pre-amps is preferrable to a long power cord to either power amp, and I think even worse if one power amp is much longer than another.

Make sense?