Long Balanced Interconnect - Which?

I have to make a 35' run from my Prepro to my rear 2-CH amp. The amp has balanced connections, so I can use a XLR - Balanced ICs.

I would like to get the best quality I can with a $500 price limit.

So far, I have found that the Blue Jeans balanced IC, and the Signalcable Analog 2 Balanced IC are in my price range.

Has anyone been able to compare these two?

Do you have suggestions in this price range that would sound better?

My associated equipment is:
Prepro: Denon AVP
Rear Amp: Classe CA-201
Rear Speakers B&W 804S
Rear Power Cord: DCCA
Rear Speaker Wire: Purist Audio Vesta


BlueJeansCable Balanced IC
capacitance: 13pF/foot
35ft pair
$124 + shipping ($8.50 I think)

SignalCable Analog 2 Balanced IC
capacitance: 23 pF/fooot
35ft pair
$257 + shipping ($8.95)

Both cables use high quality Neutrik connectors.
BJC has much lower capacitance.
Signal Cable is prettier but TWICE the cost.

If it were me I would buy the BJC and put the other $368 from your budget into Acoustic Room Treatments and/or new music and movies.
I second Blue Jeans over SignalCable, in a second.
Also look into Better Cables Silver Serpent XLR.
Is capacitance the most important stat? I think the Signal Cable is thicker gauge. which is more important.

Have any of you heard both the BJC, and SignalCable? How about the Better Cables? They seem to be in my price range too?

Thanks for the suggestions so far.