London BlueBack Discography?

Just curious whether there exists a discography (preferably online) for London BBs?

I recall happening on PDFs for Mercs and couple websites for Shaded Dogs but recent searches on London BBs have yielded little.

Several years back, Robert Moon and Michael Gray published The Audiophile's Guide to London Bluebacks containing comments on sound and performances of over 200 recordings made by Decca/London from 1958 to 1963. You'll probably have to do some hunting for it since it's a little tough to find nowadays, but good luck.
Not pertinent to a discography, but just wanted to comment that to my ears, and GENERALLY SPEAKING, the BB's come closest to the sound of live music than any other label's "house sound". The good ones have a terrific sense of aliveness, and tons of tonal inner texture.
BlueBack good same record DECCA WIDE BAND much better.