Logitech Transporter Word Clock input anyone ?

Anyone tried the Word Clock input on the Logitech Transporter ?

What clock frequency do you need to play back 96kHz files ? Can you use 48kHz Word Clock signal or do you need a 96kHz one ?

I'm asking since the dCS Puccini U-Clock (or any other dCS clock for that matter), which is a natural partner for my dCS Puccini CDP, only supports 44.1k and 48k output rates.
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I have the same issue (albeit with an EMM DCC2se dac), and no solution that enables 96kHz playback.
it seems that the dcc2 can accept 48k and 96k input if the 48k button is pushed. i have dowloaded a few 24/96 albums and
they are playing thru my dcc2. they are all flac. perhaps my sound card in the computer is changing something but it is supposed to handle 24/96 and 24/192. at least i am getting sound, and good sound at that. tomorrow i will be receiving an antelope trinity and their 10m rubidium atomic clock so the emm units, which each have a bnc clock in will be getting the clock signal from the antelope duo. the 10m spec seems better than the esoteric(.002ppm) whether i can hear an improvement is problematic, but the gamble may be worth it.
Sorry, I was not clear in my reply. The DCC2 can indeed play 24/96 files, but only in external clock mode. In master clock mode one is limited to 44.1kHz or 48kHz playback, unless you like half-speed music. Hence, a device to double the frequency of the DCC2 clock would be desireable. The DAC 6e has exactly such a function embodied in a switch on the front panel. EMM Labs told me that they cannot add this function to the DCC2. I suspect they can but they're unwilling. Ooh, maybe a mod shop will do it. Off I go now.

Do let us know if you hear an improvement using a third-box clock with the DCC2.

i have connected the trinity to the dcc2 and sacd transport and chosen the external clock. had to call emm for the hitch up but the trinity does make a very nice difference on the violin and strings, as well as the separation of instruments and improving the sound stage and the purity of the sound.
upgrades in sound at this level are hard to come by and costly, but this one is worth it. am afraid to hitch the 10m atomic to the trinity because i might like it. i am very happy with the trinity alone controlling the 2 emm units and will keep it. hope i hear no difference with the 10m so can send it back and save 5k. the sound now is exciting and almost true to the orchestral sound i remember, tho sound memory is fragile. am a very happy man now
have just finished installing the 10m rubidium antelope atomic clock to the antelope trinity and my emm dcc2se and sacdse transport. the cd in the transport was a dsd hybrid and in error was on pcm. loved it. happy as a clam. but when i changed it to 2 channel dsd i was even more amazed. damn, the sound is as good as any i have ever heard. the violin is superb. the cello sound is very good for the first time. sweetness and beauty. detail, soundstage, separation, air, even attack and decay are vastly improved with the atomic clock. this sound is everything i ever dreamed about. i have worked on this system for 55 years and can now feel that nothing can sound better. will keep the 10m and the trinity, even tho i do not even slighly understand most of its functions. i heard the kimber/emm setup in denver 2 years ago, and it blew my mind. but now have no more envy tonight, as my ears are in pig heaven.

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amps: electra-print 2a3's, with silver trannies and sophia tubes
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I have had a similar experience with the Antelope 10m running through Esoteric UX-3 and dCS Verdi to dCS Purcell/Delius. It just sounds absolutely beautiful. In my view the highest accuracy in clocking is the key to turning digital bits back into a musical soundwave.

My issue is trying to work computer access with the 10m master clock. A Music Vault Diamond will do this, or a dCS product with asychronous usb>spdif, but I would like to find a way to run straight from an Apple into the stereo, with the master clock, without spending thousands of dollars on a server or another player which I don't otherwise need. I could use a Transporter, but presumably only for analog output, and I am not giving up the dCS processing for that.

Any suggestions from the forum would be welcome!
1)if you have a clock distribution instrument like the antelope trinity (3995.00) you will find an spdif and an aes/ebu out on it and can then go into a computer thru a pci sound card like the emu 1212 which has an spdif in on it

2) or: the 10m has several bnc outs on it. go from that directly to an spdif in on any unit such as the emu1212

3) I understand that the antelope 10m will clock any digital unit that has an spdif in on it going from the 75 ohm bnc out to a 75 ohm rca adapter. I am not positive about that tho. But it works with my sound card.
replying in the first question of Elberoth2

the 96khz works absolutely fine dCS Uclock since 96khz is a multiple of 48khz,
When you dCS Uclock the 44.1khz & 48khz locks simultaneously and support both 88.2 khz & 96khz bit perfect and via asychronous usb [anti-jitter device works also at the same time for better results] it's automatic.

All you have to do is to plug a usb cable and select from your PC the output 24/96 for hi-rez files or 24/48 for flacs alacs wav aiff. Simple.
The question was about playing 96kHz files through the Transporter, not U-Clock USB input.