Logitech Transporter is DEAD - What replacement to recommend?

The great Logitech Transporter is dead:

1) It's iOS app has not been compatible (unless you are on very old devices such as iPhone 5C or iPad 4th Gen). 

2) It's Logitech Media Server has been broken on Mac OSX since Mojave came out --- unless you stay with Catalina or older OSX version, which would render many of other apps not working (notably iTunes for newer iPhones).  

3) It's 24/96 capability is technically "ancient"

4) It barely interfaces with any Internet music streaming service 

To anybody sharing the same sentiment or issue like me...  what network player / streamer would you recommend?

I run LMS and SqueezeLite on an opticalRendu and connect to it via iPeng on iOS. 
I find LMS/iPeng more tolerant of typos than Roon
I haven't tried iPeng, but .... typos???? I'm not sure where you'd have a typo.. you mean in track/artist search?
If you just want a new device the Innuos streamers run on an updated version of the same software as the Transporter.  
I listen to a lot of classical and international music. Spelling in different languages isn’t easy. Sometimes the names have anglicized variants. 
Roon looks very promising!  I gonna look into it.  Great suggestion!

Meanwhile, is the Transporter itself obsolete?  My library is mostly burnt CD tracks, barely anything high resolution (I still use an Krell SACD player for disc playback).  So the 24/96 lImit shouldn’t be a big deal, right?

I also use the transporter as a streaming transport only - all digital signals go to the Audio Aero Capitole.