logitech transporter: cat 6 cable copper or fibre

I have been running my transporter wirelessly and bridged with cat2. Wirelessly tends to let me down so I would like to purchase a better cat cable. As per audio in this application I haven't been able to find much information. Just looking for opinions and suggestions on whether to go copper or fibre as well as brand.
Yeah, wireless is pretty mich a no go by my standards. What is the rest of your network? Have a NAS linked to it? I actually upgraded to all cat6 patch cables and quad shield coax from the wall outlet to my modem. The cat6 cables just handle allthe networking between my Sonos player, NAS, modem and router. Definite difference in sound quality too. Bass increase and overall resolution. But I run a Black Dragon digital cable with rca connectors from the Sonos to my dac. Optical from the ps3 to the dac. So far I like the sound of fiber better. But there is another thread where I commented on this very topic that is very recent. You should look there for more information. Good luck. Hope this helped.
Check out the thread "toslink vs coax"
Go with cat6 not really any more really than cat5e and it's got better noise rejection performance. As for Digital cable.. Well the very best Toslink I used was the Audioquest Optilink 5 ( glass Toslink) The Wireworld Supernova 6 is also very very good, both are glass not plastic fibre. But overall I'd have to say on my Sonos players Coax was better. Toslink does isolate the source form the dac better since there is no electrical connection and with crappy switching power supplies that can be an issue. As for brand depends on the dac. I've been using both a Stereovox XV2, and a Synergistic Designers Reference.. the Synergistic is better, of course it's a lot more $$. If you live in the USA I'd strongly recommend that you try some different cables in your system. The Cable Company are an absolute treasure in this regard, being able to try before you buy is the ONLY way to make a good decision. http://www.thecableco.com/