Logitech Squeezebox Touch Question

For the next year or so I'm living in my 5th wheel trailer while out on work location. I have my squeezebox touch with me and a new Furutech GT40. I'd like to stream wireless from my laptop in the living room to the SBtouch and GT40 in the bedroom. Unfortunately there is no hardwired internet at this campground, only wireless. If I pick up a wireless router anyway and plug my laptop into it, will it become a part of a wireless system? ie. will I be able to pick it up with the Squeezebox and stream from my laptop to the bedroom?

TIA for any help...

yes...the squeezebox is able to stream media wirelessly.
I had it working at home wirelessly, I guess what I was wondering is if it will work without actually being hooked to an internet connection. I would only have my laptop and SB Touch seeing the router. Almost like a wireless hub I guess. Would I possibly need to hardwire to the router with the laptop?

Yes you need either a laptop or nas drive attached via Ethernet to your router. You run squeeze center and you pull flac or other format files into the artist/album list. You can attach a hard drive via USB to the touch and run squeeze center on that. I have heard it can be slow to find music that way. Use a netgear N router as fast as you can find. I stream 24/96 wirelessly upstairs from a netgear ready nas duo and it sounds great. The key is having a solid network set up and using netgear products works very well IME. Go to Logitech forums for good info and FAQ s
Thank you sir! I'm on it... :-)

In my home I started using these gizmos that plug into power outlets and have Ethernet outputs. As long as one of them is connected to the router
Then you don't need wires all over the house.
I wonder if this would work in your trailer....
Is the trailer that large that you can't just wire the connection from the laptop to the Squeezebox?

As for whether it will work without being connected to the Internet, try unplugging your connection to the Internet and see if you can still stream music. You won't be able to use internet radio, of course.