Logitech Squeezebox III Power Supply/Mods

I am currently using a stock Logitech/Slim Devices Squeezebox III as a digital "transport." I send uncompressed .wav files to the Squeezebox via "wifi" and then feed the following components from the Squeezebox using its coax digital output in the following manner:

Squeezebox III-->dCS Purcell Upsampler (to DSD)-->dCS Delius DAC-->Mark Levinson Amp-->B&W N802 Speakers.

This is a reference quality system including power conditioning and cabling by Transparent Audio.

My question is, if I wanted to improve the performance of the Squeezebox as a digital transport, what if any third party or do-it-yourself modifications would you recommend, and why?

Just to be clear, I am only interested in improving the Squeezebox's digital output functionality. I do not use, and will not use, the onboard DAC or analog output section.
One thing you might try is the Channel islands Audio power supply upgrade. I thought it made a very noticeable improvement. There are much more expensive power supply upgrades available but I don't think you get that much more for your money. The next logical upgrade would be to move up to the Transporter which has a much better power supply and has additional digital outputs available like BNC and AES/EBU. In my system the Transporter on it's own was much better than the Squeezebox with upgraded power supply going into a Bel Canto DAC2. I have since upgraded to the Modwright Transporter.
Bolder Cable does digital only mods to the Squeezebox and also offers upgraded power supplies. The other school of thought is something like the Empirical Audio Pacecare that acts as reclocker/jitter reducer. But, for the money some of these mods cost, you can almost buy a transporter - as suggested.
The Channel Islands power supply and an upgraded power cable (umbilical) from Revelation Audio made a noticable improvement to my SB3.
I have found that less if more in this hobby...I have a Redwine Audio modded battery powered SB2 directly driving a pair of Monarchy SM 70 pros into Usher BE 718 monitors. How much simpler can it get? Great sound. I have the digital mods as well and have tried many DAC's , jitter reducers and preamps.All of these extra devices introduce good and bad things into the audio chain. You have cable considerations, volume attenuation, etc. I like the simple approach best.
Does anyone have any actual experience with the Bolder Cable digital only modifications?