Logitech Squeezbox "Touch"

Anyone know when it's coming out? Am I reading the specs right--does it support 24bit/96kHz sample rates? How does the Duet's DAC compare? I can't figure out if the Duet's DAC is the same as the Touch's . . .is it? Sorry for the weird syntax--thanks in advance for enlightening me!!
Tech support told me in March sometime, but it's been delayed a couple times now. It does support 24/96 output, so my guess is the DAC is closer to the Transporter but probably lower end. Current Duet is 16/44.1 output. The new touch also acts as a music server--you can hook up a NAS or hard drive via usb and run squeeze center without a computer attached--pretty cool, if it works! I'll probably move to one of these soon too. It doesn't come with the Duet remote--it comes with the regular plain remote. You can use a duet remote with it though.