Logitech Harmony Setup Question

I recently purchased a Logitech Harmony remote and my only complaint is that when switching from one activity to another there isn't a way to keep components from turning off all the time. Today, I setup some secondary activities that will force it to turn on all of the components on no matter what activity I choose. My reason for doing this is so that I can listen to CDs while watching TV without having to get deeper into the device menues.

Is it better to have components turning on and off every time I change activities or to simply turn them all on every time and then all off together at the end?

The remote has a very hi WAF and is very close to doing everything that I would want, but nothings perfect...
You can set a Harmony up to leave everything on or any components you like for any activity, try the advanced options, trust me it's there!
Right, I did setup some activities that turned everything on and when I switched from one to the other the components with a power toggle shut off. What this tells me is that the activities are programed to always "push" the power on button everytime you switch to the activity. For the components with a power on/off as sepearate functions it works perfectly, but for the ones a power toggle it shuts them off.

Are you talking about something else?
No, the Harmony remotes keep track of current state. Should a device get out of sun thats what the help menu is for. It knows your TV is on when you switch from Cable to Sat so doesn't turn it off, you need to go into the menus, I forget where it is.

Somewhere their are options to leave everything on, and to turn off. Review the macros you have and you'll see something I promise!
Ok - I was using the setup that's available at myharmony rather than the downloaded software. Now I've found the menues that you're describing. I think I have everything setup, but need to do some testing to verify.


I find it odd that the download setup software is really only linked to the 900 and One online even though is works for the other remotes, at least for my 700.
I've never used the on line setup, always did it with the software.

You will find the Harmony to take some tweaking to get it exactly right but they are super flexible and very easy to use. Programming can take a little time to fully master but it's not too bad..
The setup using myharmony is much easier and would probably work great from the majority of users but has a very limited set of features.

I figured out most of what I wanted using myharmony so it was pretty easy to translate what I wanted to the software. I'm sure I'll have a few tweaks to make, but it's pretty workable already.

I didn't realize that the software worked with my model becaues Logitech only links it on the website for the One and 900 models. I downloaded it to see if I could figure out if I needed the One to get the features that you were describing and realized that my remote was compatable.