Logical cartridge upgrade for a long time Shure M44-7 user

I've had a Technics SL-1200 MK3D turntable, with a Shure M44-7 cartridge forever.
I wanted to experience a different cartridge in my setup recently, and went for a NAGAOKA MP110. I took the time to set it up properly, and used it for 10 days for many hours a day. I couldn't believe how dark and quiet the NAGAOKA sounded, but more importantly it just wasn't extracting the details, especially in mid-highs. Vocals sounded veiled, muffled even. It wasn't a case of the cartridge sounding subtle or muted, it just couldn't reproduce some of the details I'm so familiar with M44-7.
For someone who enjoys the somewhat exaggerated top and low end of M44-7, (and again, I just perceive it to be much more detailed, because the cartridge seems to work so hard to get the most out of any record you put under it), what are some logical options for an upgraded sound? I wouldn't mind something more natural (I've had a GRADO GOLD, and that was OK), but I don't want to feel like I'm missing details just because I'm going for a rounder / warmer sound.

Rest of my system:
Sonus Faber Venere 2.5 speakers
Schiit Vidar Power amp
Schiit Saga+ Pre
A no-name custom built phono pre

Very interested to hear everyone's suggestions.
Shiit Mani is what I recommended to my 24 y.o. nephew for his first analog setup, but I can't recommend this cheap unit for serious listening to anyone of audiogon, it's just basics even in it was made in the USA, same about Rega and related cheap units, they are nothing special.  

JLTi is very special phono stage with long history, used mk4 is about $750 or even cheaper and this phono stage is outstanding in comparison to units that cost over $2k. The price on JLTi website is in Australian Dollars (not USD). 

This is the stage with RCA polug-in LOAD RESISTORS and user can make any value to load or unload MM or MC (for MM a special mod from the manufacturer required, but this mod is free). 

Anyway, if it's too expensive never mind, for someone else it can be a perfect choice. 

This is not a conventional phono stage, see below (from my chat with the manufacturer) to spread the light: 

"Have you noted there is a movement towards 'current mode' phono stages for MC cartridges? These are really only suitable for MC cartridges as they convert the higher current of MC and this only works for low impedance cartridges.

The JLTi Phono also uses 'current mode' but in a different way. Again, trying not to be too technical, it is a trans-conductance circuit where even the RIAA EQ takes place via current being dumped into the EQ components and from here forms the voltage that we finally end up listening to after it has been buffered and converted to low output impedance of the phono."  
@chakster Thank you for the details- the JLTi sounds like a very impressive unit. In my case, given that something like the Rega might not constitute much of an upgrade from my current Cambridge Audio, I suppose a case could be made for saving up and buying something like the JLTi. I certainly don't want to spend $300-500 on a unit that would only offer a meager improvement over my current phono stage.
Being a klutz, I keep destroying the stylus on my ADC XLM II. It is in a low mass Magnepan Utratrac in my 'B' system.
Thinking about all the abuse DJs give their styli. Is there anything rugged but decent sounding of highish compliance I might want?
Classical and Jazz.
@fstein budget is the only limit factor.