Locking RCAs are stuck

Can someone help me out? I have locking RCA's on my Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval interconnects, and I cannot get them unlocked for the life of me.

Anyone ever run into a situation like this?

Don't know about yours but some are reverse threaded. Try going the opposite direction.
I did:

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All I can say is be very very careful removing the cables. Don`t want to mess up the rca much less the jack on the equipment. I use Kimber and Cardas cables and I prefer the Cardas because of this very thing thats happened to you. Had the same thing happened to me and I turned the equipment off and let it cool down and got some of those rubber thingies that remove jar lids from the fridge....and that worked but never again will I over tighten those things.

Good luck,

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Wrap a rubber band around both parts and twist them gently with a pliers. And, I think Herman may be correct about the reverse threading.
Apply a hair dryer on medium or low heat to the locked RCAs. This should warm the connectors enough to expand the metal just a bit and allow you to unscrew them.

Your experience is exactly why I dislike locking RCA barrels.
Jdombrow has the right advice. If the ICs are really stuck on tight - use TWO pliers. One to turn the RCA barrel and the other to hold the rest of the cable in place so it doesnt spin along with the RCA barrel.

Rubber/duct tape will prevent the rca from getting scratched.