Locking RCA Cable = Problem with RCA input jack

Ok, so this is a bit embarassing, but last night I was trying to hook up some new cables in my system. I had never used locking cables, and though I had heard of them did not know what exactly was meant by the term "locking". I tried to connect them. The right side went in easily, but the left side would just not go in. I figured it was because the inputs were so close together and the jacks themselves were rubbing and blocking. I applied more force.

Long story short by the time I realized I needed to loosen them, I had apparently done some damage to the inputs. Now when the cables are in, and there is a source connected, no signal is passed from the source, but there is a buzzing sound. If no source is connected, there is no buzzing, even with the cables inserted into the amp(mcintosh integrated).

What did I do and can if be easily fixed? Fortunately, I have the CD2, and AUX inputs to choose from, but I am picky about my things and it will continue bothering me knowing there is something broken, even though it does not hamper its performance per se.
You damaged something in there. It depends on how the RCA jacks are connected to the preamp board as to what kind of damage. If they are hard mounted to the board the damage is potentially worse than if they are the kind that are bolted to the cabinet and wired to the board. If mounted to the board you may have damaged the board by lifting a run.
It is probably an easy fix for someone with a little technical skill.
A good lesson, read the instructions when working with unfamiliar pieces.