Locking Banana Plugs?

I am trying to re terminate some speaker cables I have.I am interested in the "locking" style banana plugs.I was wandering what experience some of you might have with this style.I am curious if there is trouble with the bananas staying locked or coming loose.
I have used both early "Monster brand" locking bananas.. and The expensive WBT locking bananas.
Currently I use the ones I own for the multi channels on my separate reciever.. as the connections are so close together the locking WBT bananas work bets on that.

I like the WBT bananas, and had them originally biwired to my former B&W 805s speakers.

They stay locked on pretty good. Though a hard tug WOULD pull them loose. Even with the lock on.
The WBT are easy to add to a cable, Using the WBT sleeves.
(I use Kimber 8TC, so the multi-strands into a sleeve is just easier.
I can say I would recommend the WBT anytime, for a good connection.
The best part is they can be reused, or changed ANYTIME.
If you have a cable and want to change the ends from spade to locking banana, with WBT, all you have to do is unscrew the outer part and the end slips off. The crimped sleeve stays on the cable.
If you want new wire, and reuse the WBT ends, just get new crimp sleeves ($2 each) and swap out the ends. (I have a baggie full of spare crimp sleeves to last me a lifetime)
The crimp pliers are not needed. Any crimper will do. (as the screws in the outer shell can clamp down pretty hard.)

There are WBT knockoffs available on eBay, I have no idea if they are any good. Those do NOT have any sort of added sleeve available as far as I know. (but i would suggest getting the real WBT sleeves as they really work out well.)
I like locking bananas. Although for me as a retailer, they are little bit of a pain every time I want to swap speakers around for a customer (lock and unlock each time) they work great and give a good solid connection.
I use BGOLD locking bananas from ramelectronics.net which work well for me using Viablue sleeves. These seem better than some locking bananas that I tried from Parts Express.