Location of computer relative to system

Hi, I’m finally getting around to hooking my iMac up to my system using usb. My question is where should I put my iMac relative to other audio components including speakers? Assuming I should keep it away from speakers but what about amp? It would be convenient to place it on my McIntosh MA5200 amp, which is structurally strong, but I am worried about signal interference and the like. Your feedback is really appreciated. 
The number one biggest issue from a PC around an audio system tends to be the power supply and the amount of noise it puts back into the AC line.

However, I would not put it directly on top of anything, especially an amplifier, which needs cooling. A few inches above at least. Still, no guarantee you won't run into noise issues.

So, my suggestion is to try it and listen.
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Hi it is hooked up with USB.  I have it sitting on my sub right now which probably isn’t good for either. It sounds great though, can’t hear any increase in floor noise. If I put it on my McIntosh Amp it Willis not block any vents due to their location and the small footprint of the iMac stand. Any other feedback very welcome. 
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Keep it 5 to six feet away or more and use a longer wire or go wireless to be safe. You generally don’t want noisy commercial computers near your hifi electronics. However they work very well as streaming sources if good isolation is maintained.
If you can have it on a separate electric circuit from your gear also a good idea.
Excellent feedback! The Mc runs pretty cool but I agree heat is not a friend. I will get a longer usb and plug computer into a different ac circuit. Thanks much!
I keep the PC that houses my music collection / music server in my home office. That connects via ethernet cable to the various players I have.
How about leaving the laptop, on, but with the lid down, put in on the rack with the components and access it remotely?

You can do that with an Android tablet, going over ssh/pUTTy/Mobaterm to Linux and remote desktop connection to Windows. Surely they got that in the Apple World?

It’s much easier to control it remotely with a tablet.