Location change means compromise

The second bedroom in our apartment, I am told, is no longer the place for my audio system. I am in the process of moving the system out of the back room into the front room. Now I have also learned the front room is not to be cluttered (as far as possible) with multiple big black boxes. What boxes you ask?
Bryston 2b (early 80's pre-2blp)
Conrad Johnson pf-1
Vandersteen 1c
project rpm4 turntable

Now my budget is not very large (close to 500) but I can hopefully sell components to increase my budget. To reduce the number of boxes, I am thinking of moving to an integrated amp. Considering the age of these components (bryston, conrad johnson) is a new entry level integrated going to be much change in sound quality? Or should I look for a used integrated amp? How about keeping and hiding the power amp with a pre-amp? Since I have been granted a budget and I feel I best use it, I am not a big fan of the remoteless CJ so I would like to replace that.

-buy an integrated
-buy a preamp (hide bryston)

I am leaning towards going with something like the NAD 325bee or CA azur 540a so that I can eventually get a cd player that matches and the combo won't be too visually obtrusive.
Thanks for your input
Look at the Musical Fidelity integrateds on Audiogon. They have received excellent reviews and are attractive in appearance. YBA is another. I suggest you buy used, you can move into a higher class of components at very little risk. I have bought much of my large system used.
I'll suggest the Exposure 2010s with phono card built in. With ONE box you've taken care of power amp, pre-amp and phono stage! And, it sounds great.
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Lindisfarne is spot on...sell your amp and pre and get a used integrated w/ onboard phono. Musical Fidelity, Creek, Arcam, Cambridge Audio, Exposure, Naim, etc. Do a little research and you'll end up w/ better WAF, better features (remote!), and probably better sonics.

Worst case is you find a good integrated w/o phono - no worries...many good standalone phono preamps that are easy to hide!

Good luck!