Local dealer cuts store in half says audio is dead

My local dealer that has been in business since 1979 has given half his store up for a marial arts studio. He told me that 2 channel audio is dead and people just come in to audition gear and buy off the Internet. He says custom installation is the only thing keeping the doors open and that has slowed down alot lately. Through the years I always tried to give this dealer business but things never worked out. The owner was very arrogant and everything had to go his way. I tried to buy my first system there 15 years ago and he would not budge on price. So I took my business somewhere else and they were happy to have my money. A couple of years ago I was looking at some new speakers so I went up the street knowing that they carried the brand. I asked the owner if I could audition them at my house for a day. He said absolutely not. He told me to bring all my equipment to the store and listen there. It's alot easier for me to take the speakers home than to take my TT, 100lb amp and tube pre-amp to the store. BTW-He had a demo pair on the floor so he could of given those to me for the night. I even told him I would give him my CC# to keep on file. Still he said no.

Well it doesn't surprise me that this dealer is giving up on audio. He never tried to offer the service that is necessary to be a 2 channel dealer. I told him that there are still a few 2 channel stores that are still surviving in these economic times. He told me he didn't believe that and that I knew nothing about the business. With that I left never to return. I hope next time I drive by he will be out of business period. He doesn't deserve to survive with his bad attitude.
Thank God for Audiogon. At least here, you can "Let your fingers do the walking". Living where there are NO dealerships and outrageous shipping expenses, this website and its brotherhood is an oasis. THAT'S keeping 2 ch audio alive for me.
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Agree with above comment -- Audiogon provides life support for those who still remember when the audio industry had a soul and stores could make a living.

And truth be told, all of us have everything we need to live out our lives with good music and reliable equipment.

Greed and deception have collapsed many markets including this one.
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Many very good dealers are doing better than ever and companies such as Krell are having wonderful sales.This guy sounds like a turkey so let him fly!!
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