loading of transfiguration temper V

I have a TRANSFIG-TEMPER V(low output by choice)and originally had it loaded at 47k,however I have noticed a significant improvement across the board with a load of 60 ohms.My phonostage has user selectable loads of 30/47/60/100/800 from front panel.Have any of you found a better load match to warrant my further investigation.Also,could this be phonostage dependant since the manufacturer claims 47k as the best load(wich I completely disagree with in my setup).
I've played around with loading a little on my Supratek. It's got 4 built-in settings. While the differences are slight, there are 2 settings that sound better than the recommended one for the 103r. I think it may boil down to what type of sound you (or I) like, and also the rest of the system.

I feel the same way about tracking force. I don't care if Denon says 1.8 - 2.2 for the 103r. I get best results at about 1.55, with anti-skate set to zero. And I do that with a Shure gauge, no digital scales for me.

One funny thing though, after buying a stake in the Wally Analog Tool, I do get goofy about azimuth. It is nice to have the correct levels out of each side.

Same thing with other recommended parameters. Specs get you in the ballpark. The fine tuning gets the sound YOU like.

FWIW, YMMV, etc....