Loading for Benz Micro Ruby 2 Low Output Cartridge

I am using a Benz Micro Ruby 2 Low Output MC Cartridge with a WellTempered Classic TT and a Hovland HP100 Preamp MC Phono Section. The Hovland is set up for 550 Ohms load and the cartridge specifies 500 to 47K ohms requirement. Does anyone have experience using a different load?
In my system 22000 was the preferred setting. 47K was too bright and lower than 22K blunted the high frequencies.

All my experience based on equipment at that time, changing phono stage or even tone arm wire can skew the tonal balance enough to prefer another setting. That's why Benz is so open ended on the specification for load.

Don't be afraid to try a few different setting and if you must install new resistors (as opposed to throwing a switch) go for something good quality like Roederstein, Holco or Caddock.
550 to 800 is pretty much optimal with the Ruby cartridges. Any more than that and they brighten up and sound hard. My Benz LP prefers 100 ohm. To load these at 47k is misguided, in my opinion.