Load Settings for Dynavector 20XL?

Installed a new cart today and I'm confused what type of load setting to use on my Rhea.

Can anyone help?

The Dynavector sheets says:
Impedance: R=150homs / 5 ohms
Recommended load: >1000 ohms / 30 ohms

My Rhea load settings are:

I think if you look at the specs closely, the ">1000 ohms" part is referencing the requirements for the high output version of the cartridge. The low output cartridge requires loading greater than 30 ohms. I currently have my 20xl set at 121 ohms on my Nova Phonomena and it sounds very good, but I'm still experimenting as well. I would suggest experimenting with the 75, 125 and 250 settings for starters, but I'm sure others with more experience will chime in.
I settled on 300 ohms on mine after some experimenting.
General rule of thumb courtesy of member "Nsgarch":

25 x 5 ohms = 125 ohms

+/- 50% of 125 ohms is a range of about 75 ohms to 200 ohms.

Start with 75 ohms, and increase to 125 or 250 ohms until the bass sounds
Thanks, guys. This is the area of vinyl that I still don't quite get, so I much appreciate the advice!

Experiment, experiment, experiment...that's part of the fun with vinyl.
What phono stages are you all using with this cartridge? Just got it, and looking to buy the phono stage now. Leaning toward tubes.
I used the K&K SE with mine.
I'm using the battery powered Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomena. The Nova is highly configurable, with 13 different gain settings and 17 load settings (for MC).
Thanks for the suggestions guys.