Load ohm settings for cartridges

I have a Krell KPE Reference phono amp that has 8 settings for setting the load (ohms). Currently I am using an old highput MC cartridge while I await a new Shelter 501. I lowered the gain to the lowest since my current cartridge is high output. The manual says to "Experiment with different load settings to find the one that sounds best."
What are these settings for & is there any concern of weird damage to the system by messing around with them? It is set at the 100ohm factory setting now & sounds really good with my old MC cartridge. Also does anyone know if the Shelter comes with good instructions for all the settings? I couldn't find an owners manual on line to pre-check.
Thanks for any input.

The Shelter 501 instructions recommends 100 ohms but of course you can switch and experiment with any ohm value with no possibility of system damage. I currently have my pre/phono section set at just under 1000 ohms with my 501 but it all depends on what your preferences are.

FYI, with this cartridge you will need at least 60db gain in the phono section which I think your Krell will handle.

Great cartridge...for me it's a keeper!!
Here is a general description I've found helpful. First, though, be sure everything else on the turntable is set up correctly, such as VTA, tracking force, anti-skate (if applicable), and overhang. Then you can test the load. I like to use female vocals for this test, and it's helpful if there is a couple of acoustical instruments--say piano and bass. Play something with the load at the highest setting. Things will probably sound a bit lifeless and dull. Now go in the opposite direction, most likely you will get some siblance in the female voice on the "S"s. Now go somewhere in between. I try to get the most "lively" sound without any siblance. Sounds easy--not so, because it's album dependent. Who's to say the album cut is the "perfect" album. I sometimes use one or two audiophile albums that are cut at RTI, usually a good start. Then I verify my results with a dozen albums or so, including non-audiophile albums and sometimes have to tweak the results. Fortunately for you, you have settings that will make your choices a little easy and faster.
My Krell pre has settings for 58, 64, 70 & 76db. So I am happening as far as that goes. I currently have it set at the lowest since my current cartridge has high output. I will mess around with the Ohm settings as you folks suggested. Sounds like it should be simi-fun. Thanks for all your help,