I apologize if this is a re-visit of prior discussions, but since I’m new to this aspect and technology changes quickly, please indulge me in my query.

I’m running a Pi-based DAC fhat supports ROON client, Squeezebox, Airplay, UpNP and DLNA (depending on the distribution, be it moOde, Volumio, ROON client, etc), and have a Qnap NAS that supports both LMS and ROON, in addition to Plex and Emby. I have an entire collection of CDs ripped to FLAC by way of EAC, but I won’t rule out a Tidal (or other) subscription at some point.

So, I’m wondering if any of you who have experience with such a configuration can offer insight on whether or not there’s an advantage to ROON on such a topology, or if it’s adequate to stick with open source solutions such as LMS.

Thanks in advance!

Roon has some advantages in it will not only organize your music it will also integrate Tidal when you add it in the future. It also gives imo the best music discovery system out there. This allows you to see/search new music that is similar to what you are currently listening to regardless if its in your collection or on Tidal. I feel this is the main reason you would choose Roon for the hug advantage in discovering new music.
What he said,and I would add,Roon will intergrate with HQ player that will blow your mind in sonics.
Best player that I’ve heard and will be constantly updated and upgraded.I only use Roon for library management and also tidal integration.
All work flawlessly and very stable in my system.